Nako is an IT service provider with offices in Paris and Lyon which, over the past 25 years, has gained a reputation for its expertise in the construction and architecture sector. The company provides a top-end data backup system that goes beyond simply copying data off-site, with an excellent quality/security/price ratio. Interested in Swiss Backup, the Nako team called on Infomaniak with a view to tailoring the backup solution to specific needs. With 60 customers and over 500 TB of storage, switching to Swiss Backup has enabled Nako to redeploy its secure backup offer on a massive scale.

“We were very keen to find a competitive solution offering an optimum level of security and confidentiality. That is precisely what we got with the Swiss Backup solution from Infomaniak, boasting Acronis Cyber Protect.” Ioan Griffin, IT Manager / Project Manager

Nako: IT solutions for architects and engineering offices

Nako is a global IT service provider based in Paris and Lyon, which handles IT maintenance, backups and cybersecurity, IT equipment, software and IP telephony of more than 2,100 customers.

Nako supports architects and engineers, whose IT needs are changing dramatically. In this sector, the volume of data and the weight of files exceed those of conventional SMEs while the demand for online services is increasing.

Not all cloud solutions are adapted to these size constraints. Selecting and developing a relationship with the service providers therefore plays a key role in the end result delivered to Nako’s customers. The company maintains the operational capacity of its customers’ IT equipment and networks by endeavouring to ensure the shortest possible response times and RTO (Recovery Time Objective). Its team adapts tools upstream in close cooperation with the providers, before incorporating them into personalised and automated procedures. This know-how has earned Nako a reputation well beyond the construction sector.

How did you intend to create this new backup offer?

Nako wanted to modernise its off-site backup system (Rsync mode) in order to keep step with the construction companies’ move towards the cloud. To do this, we were keen to build the offer around 3 main thrusts:

  • Improve technology by using a centralised solution integrated into the customers’ individual management and monitoring workflows (Remote Monitoring Management RMM).
  • Enhance security by providing a confidential, partitioned and redundant storage environment incorporating the new infection threats.
  • Reduce costs by providing top-end services for large data volumes at the best possible price.

Why choose Swiss Backup from Infomaniak?

“Many of our customers already use Infomaniak’s services and are highly satisfied with them. We studied Swiss Backup and contacted the Infomaniak team. This secure backup solution is the only one that meets each of our development constraints at the same time.” Ioan Griffin, IT Manager / Project Manager

The decision to opt for Swiss Backup was essentially conditioned by three points:

1. Infomaniak’s sovereign infrastructure ensures maximum confidentiality

“Infomaniak is in full control of its infrastructure and owns several data centers (redundancy solely in Switzerland). That is quite unique on the market. The positioning of the Swiss developer and Infomaniak’s reputation among its customers is reassuring to decision-makers. Infomaniak provides its guarantee of reliability, security and respect for personal data, thereby strengthening the relevance and top-end positioning of our online backup service from the very outset.”

2. Swiss Backup provides active protection against malware and ransomware

“Our offer needed to evolve in response to the new threats of infection in order to reduce the risk of including infected files in the backups. For Nako, this was a key aspect in modernising our offer. The data are naturally versioned, encrypted and proactively protected by software against infections thanks to the Swiss Backup partnership with Acronis.”

3. Cloud storage and full protection at an unbeatable price

“The off-site backup platforms become very expensive as soon as the storage volume constraint enters the equation. With its prices, Swiss Backup encourages customers to reconsider the cloud.” Ioan Griffin, IT Manager / Project Manager

“To convince our customers, we need a combination of a secure environment with an attractive performance/price ratio. For a long time, however, the prices of the solutions remained very high for the end customers. Regardless of whether we handled the storage or subscribed to a complete offer via a partner, it was always too expensive. The price of Swiss Backup is much more aggressive, opening up a certain commercial potential. The solution provides one of the most comprehensive protections on the market while the prices are very attractive for SMEs. This enabled us to launch this top-end offer.”

What is the integration status of your customers in Swiss Backup?

“We are used to PaaS et SaaS technologies. These tools enable us to provide detailed monitoring (RMM) of the equipment. A key point in the success of this project was the cooperation with the Infomaniak team. We needed to adapt the tool to our procedures and management workflows. This work has certainly borne fruit, as all the backup customers have already been migrated to the new offer. We manage everything centrally in a compartmentalised infrastructure, thereby optimising the availability of our staff and thus our response times. We use the solution with Acronis Cyber Protect for hypervisor virtual machines. Infomaniak storage is used to back up NAS with several hundred TB of storage.”

How did the Swiss Backup implementation go?

“We were accompanied from start to finish when adapting the solution. Infomaniak and its teams offered excellent availability, and they were always there when we needed help. We worked with a technical team that lived up to our expectations, offering comprehensive accompaniment.”

What aspects did you particularly like about Infomaniak?

“The availability of the teams, the quality of the discussions when we asked for assistance or advice and the ability to provide a positive response to our specific request concerning off-site backup. The sourcing of our suppliers is essential to the quality of our services. It is an essential element in reducing our response times for our customers.”