The Infomaniak Email Service is changing to facilitate security management and the arrival of new employees in the company.

Unified management of email addresses

The Email Service dashboard has been endowed with a general configuration, allowing IT administrators to manage the settings of all an organisation’s email addresses from a single location:

  • out-of-office reply templates
  • signature templates
  • the list of blocked senders
  • the list of authorised senders
  • spam and advertising filters
  • user rights
  • personalised rules

By creating a signature template via the general configuration, for example, all the users in your organisation will have access to the same template. The first name, surname, phone number and job title are automatically up-to-date in accordance with the profile of each user. When creating a new address, you can assign your template to it directly. Quick and easy!

According to your requirements, user rights management can prevent users from changing or creating new signatures, thereby standardising the signatures of an entire company in just a few seconds. Massive time saving!

The same rationale applies to all other general settings.

Simplify user management in your company

When a person joins your organisation, this unified management simplifies everything:

  1. You create a new email address for the new employee
  2. Your employee receives an invitation via their private email address
  3. The new user is independent and can start working immediately via the online interface. Their address is configured in accordance with the general policy of your company without giving you anything extra do to 😎

Your users can synchronise their emails, contacts and appointments on their devices thanks to our wizard, without the help of a technician. And if you need to create several users, it’s easy to create several email accounts at the same time via a csv file.

In addition to the general settings, the general management of user rights makes it possible to standardise user management. You are therefore free to decide if the users are given the autonomy to manage their own password, security, rules, filters, recovery, aliases, log access, redirections, signatures and out-of-office replies. Of course, you can subsequently manage these settings individually to create exceptions. The system is designed to be flexible and scalable.

Meet corporate needs

These changes are in line with the development of our productivity ecosystem for companies.

We remain attentive to your needs and even if we cannot answer all feedback individually, we read it all without exception 👍🏻

You still aren’t familiar with the Infomaniak Email Service? Please don’t hesitate to create a free email address in Switzerland which respects your privacy 😎

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