The Swiss hosting service provider renowned for its quality all over Europe, Infomaniak confirms its full compliance with GDPR. Its data confidentiality policy, which was born from a constant commitment to security and respect for privacy, is evolving to comply fully with the legal framework. While thousands of businesses are having to make profound changes to improve protection of their clients’ rights, Infomaniak has defined itself as a precious ally and unwaveringly trustworthy partner.

Security, transparency and control are the principles erected in law by the GDPR to enhance and guarantee the protection of European clients’ data. Far from being acquired, these principles are shaking up and framing the conditions for handling private data in a single digital market.

Protecting personal data through an ongoing commitment

As an agent and pioneer in the digital economy, Infomaniak handles a significant volume of data linked to its activity and on a wider scale as a provider for tens of thousands of European businesses. In its position as personal data controller and subcontractor, the company ensures meticulous and responsible management of personal data. Infomaniak is continually committed to detecting, evaluating and integrating all measures which allow the security and protection of its clients’ data to be guaranteed. This long-established approach allows Infomaniak to guarantee its clients that it will fully comply with the GDPR in its position as data controller and subcontractor.

A strategic data management approach

Effectively protecting users’ personal information involves evaluating and permanently adapting the processes involved in handling personal data. To achieve this, Infomaniak is deploying a methodical strategy of continued improvement allowing it to steer and anticipate developments linked to the management of private data.

Under the leadership of the Data protection officer (DPO) for Infomaniak, the teams identify and map the entirety of the data handling processes. Each process is individually recorded, described then assigned to a manager who supervises its integration into the chain of handling personal data. The DPO supervises, implements and documents all measures necessary for compliance with the GDPR. This active approach allows Infomaniak to offer the best guarantees of security and confidentiality, well beyond the legal requirements.

Besides this, Infomaniak is offering its users full control of their personal information. Using a facilitated procedure, everyone can request access to, modification, recovery or deletion of their data. All conditions are thus met to ensure rights associated with consumers’ personal data.

A dual role and responsibility

Infomaniak handles on one hand data linked to the use of its services, and on the other hand data which is hosted by clients in its technical infrastructures. It is therefore on two counts that it ensures compliance with data confidentiality and security.

Role of data controller

Infomaniak protects the personal data it is entrusted with through a responsible data confidentiality policy. It only uses the data linked to the implementation of its services and necessary for the security of its clients.

In tune with the times and clearly formulated, the commitment to personal data confidentiality responds not only to the GDPR requirements, but also to a consumer expectation for improved control of their data. Thanks to transparent information and permanent access, each user of Infomaniak services keeps complete control of their personal data.

Role of subcontractor

The data protection policy as a subcontractor defines the distribution of roles between Infomaniak and its clients regarding the management and protection of personal data. The hosting of data by Infomaniak must therefore be distinguished from the implementation and exploitation of this data by its clients.

Infomaniak is scrupulous in its guarding of the security of its services and infrastructures through an uncompromising commitment to security. At the heart of research and development, security represents a constant commitment beyond the conditions established by law.

Companies handling European clients’ data are assured of the full compliance of Infomaniak’s services with the new data protection regulation.

At the same time, they must ensure that they meet their own obligations and their compatibility within the framework of data handling in which they operate. This is particularly the case in the implementation of their content through tools such as the CMS, plugins, forms, etc.

Successfully complying with the GDPR

The obligations set by the GDPR are the same for all companies that deal with European clients’ personal data. However, all companies are not equal in terms of resources available for achieving compliance. Infomaniak encourages all clients to commit to responsible personal data management. The best way to approach compliance with the new European regulation is to organise on the basis of primary goals.

Security and respect for privacy are essential conditions for the relationship of trust that we enjoy with our clients. We are committed to providing you with clear and transparent information about our services, and you can easily contact our DPO through our support team if you have a question concerning how your personal data is handled by Infomaniak.

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