Our ethical collaborative suite is enhanced by kChat, a sovereign instant messaging service that integrates AI hosted in Switzerland. Developed and hosted in Switzerland, kChat facilitates collaboration and project management on a secure platform that reduces the risk of data leaks and protects users against phishing campaigns.

Increase efficiency and secure your communications

kChat unifies all internal and external communication flows of a company. Users can communicate by text, make calls and hold videoconferences, and easily retrieve information. No more e-mailing, team members have real-time access to the same information and all resources are in one place. Efficiency gains are immediate.

This means of communication reduces the risk of data leaks and protects against phishing campaigns. Unlike e-mails, kChat offers the guarantee of communicating with people authenticated by the company within a secure perimeter.

Access can be secured with two-factor authentication to protect against password piracy, and all communications with the server are encrypted, as is stored data. Each organisation is also partitioned and uses a unique server-side encryption key. These measures ensure a high level of security without restricting the functionality of the application with end-to-end encryption (E2E).

kChat includes AI that processes data exclusively in Switzerland in Infomaniak’s data centers. To test its power, 100 ChatGPT requests per day are also offered at launch.

Artificial intelligence is evolving very quickly. We are following this development closely so that we always offer the most powerful open source solution to ensure end-to-end data control. Léopold Jacquot, Lead Developer at Infomaniak

Make it easier to collaborate and manage your projects

Available on all common platforms, kChat allows you to link your staff and external partners by team, department, project, discussion or topic.

  • Public channels allow teams to track the progress of their projects and ensure that the right people have access to the same information.
  • For sensitive projects, administrators can create private channels and manually choose who can access them.

At launch, all important features are already available:

  • Communicate in teams and with external partners via direct, public or private channels
  • Send messages and files (with preview)
  • Launch audio and video calls with screen sharing
  • Quickly search for information or a file in a channel or any kChat
  • Follow the discussions that mention us in a unified box
  • Prioritise messages
  • Back up important messages
  • Customise notifications
  • Put a reminder on messages
  • Translate messages into French, German, English, Italian and Spanish
  • Insert GIFs, emojis and videos

For IT managers, everything is simple: the management console allows kSuite users to be managed from a single location and their security level can be checked at a glance.

Secure and privacy-friendly instant messaging

Just like the collaborative tools included with kSuite, kChat is developed and hosted in Switzerland by Infomaniak, an independent company committed to the environment, privacy and the local economy.

To offer kChat as soon as possible, its graphical interface (front-end and mobile/desktop applications) is currently based on the open source Mattermost project. The architecture, server access, data management, API and entire back-end of kChat, on the other hand, are 100% in-house.. Léopold Jacquot, Lead Developer at Infomaniak

Infomaniak’s collaborative suite does not analyse data, complies with the FADP and GDPR and benefits from the company’s ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications.

Available free of charge with kSuite

kChat is available with kSuite which includes all our online productivity apps:

  • kDrive: secure cloud storage with an office suite for online collaboration.
  • kMail: the e-mail solution to synchronise your messages, contacts and calendars on all your devices.
  • kMeet: encrypted videoconferencing application for working remotely.
  • kChat: instant messaging for exchanging, coordinating teams, organising projects and centralising communication flows.
  • Custom Brand: an option to customise kSuite with your brand and domain name.

Customers who are already using kDrive or an Email Service can switch to kSuite in just a few clicks. Data is automatically retained and no further action is required for existing users.

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