Designed to facilitate professional and private event organisation, Infomaniak’s Guest Manager includes over 200 enhancements and new features now at the end of its beta version.

Event organisers were very responsive to this new product and shared their feedback and their wishes with our support team as well as on our dedicated page. Totally client-focused, Infomaniak rallied together its developers to integrate over 200 enhancements and to enrich features for the rollout of the stable Guest Manager version.

One-stop invitation management via a smart online tool

Intuitive and versatile: the event organisation tool brings fresh perspective to organising events. From creating invitations to managing guests and their companions, from registration forms to participation tracking, Infomaniak’s solution simplifies and automates the whole process and saves considerable time.

Flexible event organisation software for all your professional and private events

The Guest Manager is a state-of-the-art, one-stop solution for managing the organisation of a wide range of events. It’s the perfect tool for professional events like team-building trips, conferences, inaugurations, co-worker evenings and seminars. It’s also perfectly tailored for organising workshops and training courses as well as educational trips, birthdays, weddings, etc.

Here’s how to organise an event and manage your invitations online

It’s ever-so easy and quick to create an event, to invite your contacts and to manage their guest-companions:

1 – Creating an event

You just need to select a model, customise it, enter the event date and practical info.

2 – Importing the contacts to invite

Import contacts and create the guest categories you wish, set different registration deadlines: everything is possible.

3 – Sending invitations online

Click “send”: the tool takes care of everything else. Guests receive their bespoke invitation with all details and can then register with one click.

Track guest participation in real time

The manager returns statistics for invitations opened and for guest participation, offers guests the opportunity to register companions and sends automatic reminders as the event date gets close.

Stay in touch with guests before, during and after an event

The Guest Manager lets you contact guests using customised messages based on invitation status: confirmed, not yet answered or declined. So, it’s ever-so easy to get news, to thank participants for coming, to invite them to upcoming events and to send bonuses or extra content (photos and videos of the event, etc.).

Tailor the visual identity of your brand to enhance visibility

To boost their reputation, organising companies or event sponsors can display their logo and visual branding elements on all invitation media. On request, named tickets may be generated in A6 format and then folded and inserted in around-the-neck pouches to promote networking during trade shows and conferences.

Check on guests on the day of the event with the free mobile app

Check on attendances, validate people authorised to access the event: Infomaniak’s free E-tickets mobile app (for iOS and Android) simplifies tedious tasks so that you can take full advantage of your event and be on-hand for guests on the day.

Guest Manager, continuously improving

Infomaniak warmheartedly thanks the first users for their enthusiasm and their feedback which help to constantly improve Guest Manager to ensure it becomes the must-have tool for event organisers.

Over 200 new features and enhancements:

  • Send invitations in several languages
  • Detailed guest status (valid/invalid email)
  • Much faster contact list import
  • Add guests/companions post-deadline
  • Add guests without email address
  • Advanced Wallet customisation with your images, colours, logo, etc.
  • New theme dedicated to organising conferences and seminars
  • Interface enhancements for optimally easy use
  • Etc.

Give your opinion or propose an idea for improvement: Infomaniak encourages users to share their wishes on the dedicated Guest Manager page.

Can we try this invitation software for free?

Yes, Infomaniak offers you free credits to invite your first 100 guests and so you can discover all the tool’s features: try for free.

Guest Manager is designed to make life easier for all events organisers. Like all Infomaniak products, this tool is proposed at highly-competitive prices.

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