Infomaniak launches Guest Manager, a powerful solution to manage your event invitations from A to Z. Aimed as much at professionals as at individuals, this turn-key service makes life easier for organisers and guests of all types of events.

As a partner of numerous major international events for over 10 years, Infomaniak draws on its experience to deliver a Guest Manager in tune with the times. Intuitive and versatile, the tool assists event organisers from the creation of invitations to the management of the guests on the day.

Who has never been confronted with the headache of invitations? Whether it involves a wedding, a press conference, a company outing, an inauguration, a dinner event or even a school trip, efficiently organising the invitations is almost always a challenge. Whether it is for business or pleasure, an event’s success certainly depends on the guests’ participation, but also on good organisation. You can forget the fastidious management of invitations and dedicate yourself to what is really important: the organisation of an unforgettable event.

Managing your invitations has never been easier

When we manage invitations, the longer the list of tasks to perform, the greater the risk of errors. Fortunately, the days of manually tracking with spreadsheets and an email software with unattractive formatting have changed. With this turn-key service, Infomaniak manages the whole process of your online invitations to simplify your life and that of your guests.

Create attractive invitations for all media

The integrated invitations editor lets you create attractive invitations in a few clicks. Save precious time by selecting and customising ready-to-use professional templates. Add the practical information and the Guest Manager does the rest. It optimises your invitation for presentation on a mobile device, tablet or computer and lets your guests add your event to their calendar with one click.

Easily manage several categories or groups of guests

The invitations tool lets you set different registration deadlines for each group of guests and to contact them at any time. It also manages the registration of companions. You can gather additional information during registration to learn your guests’ preferences for example.

Follow your guests’ participation in real time

The Guest Manager manages sending, prepares participation reports and automatically sends reminders for you. The assistant handles real time follow-up of participation of guests and their companions and lets you stay in contact with them before, during and after the event. It is very easy to get back to participants to thank them for their attendance or to ask them to evaluate your event.

Choose a powerful and easy-to-use tool

Every event is unique and accomplishing the invitations is the first step toward success.

If you need a reliable and complete solution for all types of invitations, save the date or registration for an event, the Guest Manager is the ideal tool.

Worthwhile and no subscription required, it contains all the elements that make Infomaniak products so popular. This tool constantly evolves to respond to our users’ requests .

Enable the invitations tool in your Infomaniak account now and enjoy 100 free credits to send your invitations at no charge!

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