Infomaniak makes task and appointment management easy by integrating reminders via Slack and email. This new feature of the WorkSpace calendar allows you to automatically send regular reminders to users until they decide to stop them. Thanks to the Slack messaging service, WorkSpace ensures that reminders are seen or dealt with by drawing users’ attention to where they are.

An end to missed reminders

Let’s be practical: it has become easy to lose sight of a reminder or a scheduled task. In the era of the mobile device and of the multitude of means of communication, we are besieged and sometimes flooded by notifications. They appear and disappear quickly, replaced by the next ones as the day wears on. Even under these circumstances of constant demands, it is normal for tasks to escape our notice. This does not mean we spend less time, money and energy.

To help you keep these precious resources, the new WorkSpace reminder feature notifies you at a selected time interval of an upcoming event, until you intentionally disable the notifications.

Reminders make sure that you do what you need to:

  • Is the office printer often short of paper and ink? WorkSpace will remind you until you have put in an order with your supplier.
  • Are you gathering the records of your sales team for your company’s tax declaration and risking omitting one of your employees? They will receive regular reminders via Slack in a designated discussion thread.
  • Is your product catalogue evolving? Never forget to update your website and receive reminders via email until it’s done.

Add a reminder via email or via Slack

The email reminders are accessible directly from the event creation interface in the WorkSpace calendar.

First create a reminder and add the frequency of the reminders you want. The reminder options are automatically displayed when you add a reminder.

If necessary, this guide sets out how to create a new reminder using the reminders feature.

To add an event and a reminder using Slack with or without reminders, you must first create an incoming webhook. This will allow you to define the Slack discussion thread where the notifications will appear. If necessary, this guide describes the steps to follow to connect the WorkSpace using Slack and create your first reminder with Slack reminders.


The Infomaniak WorkSpace is an online messaging service which respects your privacy. Hosted in Switzerland, the service unifies and synchronises your email addresses, calendars, contacts, favourites and SMS on all your devices.

In the upcoming months, we will be working on the future interface of our messaging service in order to integrate significant evolutions: complete redesign of the interface, mobile ready, integration of the calendar with the inbox, launching an API to WorkSpace, etc.

To enjoy these benefits right now, just: