Some activities cannot tolerate any interruption. To guarantee the total and continuous availability of online services, Infomaniak deploys technology that is used by the world’s most visited sites: Very High Availability Cloud Hosting.

Literally designed for the unthinkable, this type of hosting service is based on the principles of the redundancy of installations in several datacentres and the distribution of workloads. The services remain effective and operational under any circumstances. That is why Infomaniak’s high-availability hosting (Cloud HD) is the solution that has been chosen by many of the world’s industrial groups, businesses and organisations.

At Infomaniak, the services have been developed in close collaboration with our clients. That is why we believe that they are in the best position to talk about our products. So, we wanted to share the feedback from our first client for very high-availability cloud hosting: Gentianes Group Sàrl.

Gentianes Group Sàrl

Based in Martigny, Gentianes Group is specialised in the field of emergency support services throughout French-speaking Switzerland. Since 2010, the company has offered a personal emergency support service for clients who wish to guarantee their safety at home or outdoors. Gentianes Group manages the entire chain of emergency support to provide turnkey solutions to their clients and their relatives.

Developed and used in-house, Helpro rapidly convinced certain partners

To optimise the response time, Gentianes Group developed Helpro, a web platform dedicated to emergency communications to transfer alarm messages via diverse channels (SMS, phone calls, pagers, mobile notifications, etc.) to emergency responders in the field. Helpro enables the two-way transmission of all communications and information to organise emergency response with the geographically closest persons.

“The success of the in-house use of Helpro motivated us to present it to a few privileged partners, who now use it for their own activities.”

What were your requirements to host the Helpro platform?

An emergency alarm and communications solution can only be legitimately integrated if it offers absolute reliability and availability. To be able to commercialise our Helpro platform, we needed to be able to count on an infrastructure that offers the best guarantees of performance and security. We also needed a competent and available contact to be able to adjust the resources of the platform according to the needs of the market and the growth of our activity.

Why did you choose Infomaniak’s very high-availability hosting?

We naturally contacted Infomaniak, which already hosted our intranet and our company’s different websites. This relationship is a true sign of trust which encouraged us to be among the first to adopt their very high-availability cloud technology.

We have been fully satisfied since the implementation of their high-availability infrastructure. Thanks to the reactivity of the support team, we can rapidly respond to our technical challenges and fill the needs of our profession. This enables us to adapt our solution to the demands of certain clients and to be able to propose bespoke services very rapidly.

We chose Infomaniak for 4 reasons:

  1. The trusting relationship and our entire satisfaction with the services that we have used successfully for many years.
  2. Infomaniak’s environmental commitment, which perfectly matches our own values.
  3. The quality-price ratio.
  4. The quality of technical support at all levels.

Infomaniak’s Very High Availability Cloud hosting service

Infomaniak offers you the NEC plus ultra for cluster web hosting for the general public with an extremely competitive offer and numerous advantages:

  • environmentally friendly Tier 3+ datacentres
  • ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 27001 certified
  • from two load distributors (load balancing)
  • from 2 clustered web servers (redundancy)
  • from 3 clustered database servers (automatic data replication)
  • total flexibility of the infrastructure thanks to our dedicated Cloud infrastructure
  • bespoke SLA contract with guaranteed uptime of up to 100%
  • unlimited traffic and professional anti-DDoS protection
  • support and advice throughout our entire collaboration
  • the Swiss Made solution entirely hosted and managed in Switzerland
  • 24/7 support and monitoring

To find our more about our Very High Availability Cloud hosting, read this article on our blog.

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