Infomaniak is launching Fast Anycast DNS, a technology that speeds up the page load time of internet sites by an average of 34% around the world. Improved access speed, professional anti-DDoS security and increased availability: the technology offered by Infomaniak brings businesses even closer to their clients abroad. Compatible with all sites, the solution can be enabled with just one click for only CHF 3.00 per year.

Fast Anycast DNS is an essential asset for competitiveness and security to acquire and better serve clients while improving the natural referencing of websites throughout the world.

DNS resolution: the primary brake on international website loading

What is DNS resolution? DNS resolution is the operation that translates a domain name into an IP address to direct web users to the server of the website they want to display in their browser. This translation is performed by a service called DNS (Domain Name System). A DNS server contains an updated directory that enables web users to search for the content associated with a domain name on the correct web server to display a site.

This means that the farther a web user is from this server, the longer DNS resolution takes (this is known as latency). This deteriorates the page load time of a website in a country other than the one where the DNS server is located. Consequently, international users are penalised by longer access time and the websites are at a disadvantage in terms of natural referencing.

Moreover, if the DNS server is saturated, DNS resolution cannot be performed correctly, thus blocking access to websites.

Fast Anycast DNS guarantees optimum speed of access to your website everywhere in the world

With Fast Anycast DNS, businesses benefit from a distributed network of DNS servers spread around the globe to speed up the matching of their domain name with the IP address of the server hosting their website. Websites benefit from not one, but many DNS servers. End users are automatically directed to the nearest server, obtaining optimal page load time wherever they may be in the world.

Infomaniak plays a key role in the page load time of internet sites. Located at the crossroads of Europe, the high-end web host offers its clients a strategic advantage to guarantee them optimal page load time for their websites. Fast Anycast DNS thus completes Infomaniak’s cutting-edge services and infrastructure to offer performance that is among the highest in the industry.

Generate more international traffic

For businesses, an international audience offers not only a pool of potential clients but also a valuable opportunity to diversify growth. With digitisation, the public is ever larger and more scattered around the world. By optimising the access time to websites wherever they are located, Fast Anycast DNS improves natural referencing and the effective scope of websites around the world. It becomes even easier to appear in a good position for potential customers and to find new commercial openings.

Who is Fast Anycast DNS primarily designed for?

Whether they be major groups, institutions, SMEs, professional bloggers or online media, Fast Anycast DNS is the ideal solution for any business that wants to pamper its international audience. This necessity is even greater for sectors like:

  • e-business
  • tourism
  • transport
  • data products
  • online training
  • specialised blogs
  • specialised media
  • communication
  • online software
  • online services
  • exhibitions
  • trade fairs
  • forums
  • festivals

Thanks to its ultra-efficient infrastructure and scope, Swiss-based Infomaniak is able to load websites at lightning speed throughout Europe. Now, by enabling Fast Anycast DNS, businesses can shift the DNS resolution of their domain names as close as possible to their clients to further increase the speed of access to their websites anywhere in the world.

Simultaneously improving the security, availability and performance of websites

Fast Anycast DNS dramatically speeds up the page load time of websites around the world while preserving the control of company data. Site data remains stored in Switzerland, in Infomaniak’s Tier 3+ secure datacentres. Businesses thus keep their hand on their clients’ data, in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the best practices of the sector.

Fast Anycast DNS ensures the availability of websites even in the case of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks or the unavailability of a domain name server. This high degree of availability is obtained by the redundancy of DNS servers distributed around the world. In addition, Fast Anycast DNS is compatible with DNSSEC technology, which is free and accessible in just 1 click with all Infomaniak hosting.

Activation with just 1 click and no other modification

Fast Anycast DNS is enabled in just a few seconds and requires no modification of websites. Businesses can access this cutting-edge technology for the modest price of CHF 3.00 per year and it is not necessary to have your website hosted by Infomaniak to benefit from it. DNS replication throughout the world is automatic and requires no intervention.

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