Infomaniak launches, the ultimate solution for easily sending very large files to your correspondents around the world, with the utmost respect for privacy and data privacy. lets you send up to 50 GB of data in one go, free-of-charge and subscription-free. Powered by Infomaniak’s open source infrastructure, is a file transfer service exclusively hosted in Switzerland. No matter where they are, users benefit from total transparency and are protected by laws on data protection which are among the most stringent in the world.

A “high capacity” Swiss alternative to WeTransfer

  • Up to 50 GB in one go
  • Files exclusively hosted in Switzerland
  • Eco-friendly datacenters
  • Free password protection (if wished)
  • Files may be kept for up to 30 days
  • Customisable number of downloads (up to 60)

Videos, photo albums, presentations, reports: simplifies the exchange of files that we use every day in our professional and private lives.

SwissTransfer lets you easily transfer large files up to 50 GB. Data is hosted in Switzerland in Infomaniak’s eco-friendly datacenters.

Share large files without undermining privacy

Until now when users wished to send large files they were obliged to use online services like Wetransfer and even storage solutions like Dropbox.

The disadvantage of these services? Users’ files are freely dispersed around the global cloud, exposing them directly to indiscretions from parties notorious for showing little respect for data privacy and privacy.

Marc Oehler, Infomaniak CEO, highlights a schema well-known to everyone:

“Because of a lack of a credible alternative, businesses all too often accept sharing their files, even temporarily, on servers about whose location and, in turn, effective privacy they know nothing”. He explains: “By launching, Infomaniak offers an across-the-board secure alternative for transferring files and, as such, contributes to an Internet which respects privacy more”.

With, you don’t undermine your data privacy in any way. The professional data transfer tool gives data control back to users. Users have free use of advanced control options, a fully-secure Tier 3+ type open source infrastructure and legislation which fully respects data privacy.

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