Infomaniak web hostings are constantly evolving and integrating an ever-increasing number of features and evermore enhanced security for users. To facilitate and improve your site security management, Infomaniak is rolling out Patchman Security Scanner, the benchmark online malware and vulnerability detection tool. All our web hostings benefit for free from this extra protection which complements our default-enabled antivirus solution and, as such, addresses an even greater scope of cyberthreats.

The ultimate protection, included in your Web hosting

Ensuring optimal Website security costs a lot. Even if peace of mind is priceless, we often have to make the choice to invest in expensive software and to allocate resources to a qualified workforce. To facilitate professionals’ work and to make security accessible to everyone, Infomaniak provides the market’s best website security suite to its clients for free. Patchman Security Scanner works behind the scenes to detect any likely security issue. In a fully-automatic way, the tool informs you by email when vulnerabilities are detected before making corrections on your behalf, and without undermining the proper functioning of your sites. Thanks to this new feature, you can rest assured that your clients and users benefit from optimal security conditions without spending more money.

Patchman Security Scanner neutralizes malware and fixes code vulnerabilities

Patchman Security Scanner is an all-in-one solution that addresses the wide range of security issues which can undermine websites. This fully-automatic tool quarantines malicious software, detects and corrects security vulnerabilities of over 40 CMS and Web apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce and PrestaShop.

Manage security confidently

Through its automated processes, Patchman Security Scanner helps save website security management time and resources. The tool always informs by mail of scheduled corrections. You continue to have full control and can stop scheduled patches transparently if you so wish. And if needed, you may also fully disable this free protection (not recommended).

Patchman Security Scanner respects your data privacy. Like Infomaniak, the tool is fully GDPR-compliant (EU General Data Protection Regulation). Analyses are carried out locally exclusively on Infomaniak servers and pursuant to our privacy policy.

We ensure your security upstream

Every year, Infomaniak invests considerable resources to remain one step ahead on the security front. Rolling out Patchman Security Scanner is fully in line with our continuous improvement approach and emphasises our desire to democratise Web security. This initiative is intended for offering our clients the best level of security as is expected from a leading Web hosting service provider.

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