The professional Swiss webmail continues to evolve to offer its users even more functions. After introducing the sending of attachments up to 3 GB, Infomaniak now offers smart folders to filter advertising and social media messages automatically. This innovation heralds future developments with the 3rd generation of Webmail.

An inbox allocated to important emails


Who has never been overwhelmed by notifications that slip into the natural flow of important emails? Emails represent a majority of our online activities and it is sometimes difficult to sort through all your messages.

With the new filtering folders, the inbox becomes even smarter. Messages from social media or advertising communications are automatically placed in specific folders to lighten the load in the main inbox. This allows you to view all your messages without losing sight of those that require your full attention.

How to take advantage of smart folders?

This filtering function can be activated via the WebMail settings.

  1. log in to your webmail ( using a web browser such as Brave or Firefox
  2. click on the icon at the top right of the interface
  3. click on E-mail addresses
  4. check or select the email address concerned from the drop-down menu
  5. click on Filters and rules under Email address settings:webmail-setting
  6. activate the advertising filter option, the effect is immediate:spam-filter-settings
  7. simply click on the toggle button again to deactivate the filter, in which case all future incoming messages will go to the inbox

Towards an independent alternative to Gmail

Hosted entirely in Switzerland, the webmail respects your privacy. The collaborative webmail unifies and synchronises emails, contacts and calendars on all devices.

Managing over a million email addresses, Infomaniak is developing the best webmail on the market to offer ever smarter functions. Infomaniak’s professional webmail will soon enter its third generation, becoming an independent professional alternative to Gmail.

Benefit from Webmail

All the benefits of Webmail are included free of charge with…