Applicable from 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – will directly impact businesses that process the data of European customers. Infomaniak, whose growing European customer base accounts for 40% of its market share, will integrate this new regulation as soon as it comes into force.

Working with highly-regulated markets and organisations, Infomaniak will rigorously monitor the integration of the GDPR. Its location at the heart of Europe and high-end services make it the preferred partner of major media companies and brands such as the RTBF, as well as international institutions and industrial leaders. At the time of the change, Infomaniak will demonstrate its commitment to security by offering its expertise to customers who want to make RGPD compliance a success.

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation constitutes the most significant development in the field of European privacy protection in more than twenty years. It oversees the personal data processing activity of any company offering services to customers based in the European Union. Therefore, the GDPR has a very wide scope and comes into play when we process the data of individuals relating to their identity, contact information, emails, photos, as well as IP addresses, unique identifiers and location, among others.

A beneficial development for the protection of personal data

The application of the GDPR is causing a stir within companies as it changes how we approach the management of personal data. This regulation marks a political will to raise public awareness of the challenges of digital data protection and calls for a change of culture. With these new legal provisions, the European Union intends to give individuals control over their personal data while setting a course for companies to take.

A huge step towards privacy protection

With security and privacy protection at the heart of its concerns, Infomaniak is embracing this change:

“The new European regulation is sure to change things, ” says Marc Oehler, COO of Infomaniak. “We are delighted, first and foremost, with the concrete benefits for users, but also with the awareness it will create within companies that process personal data.”

Unprecedented changes

The GDPR intends to give individuals control over their personal data by introducing new rights. From 25 May 2018, the data of European citizens can only be collected and processed with their explicit consent. Citizens will not only be able to view their data, but also request a copy of it and ask for it to be deleted.

Companies will be made accountable and will have to carefully document their data processing processes and be able to justify the collection of personal information.

Another welcome evolution is the principle of “privacy by design”. Any organisation processing personal data will be required to integrate data protection and data security early on in the development of data collection and processing solutions.

Infomaniak will strictly adhere to the GDPR

As a Swiss hosting provider at the crossroads of Europe, Infomaniak operates within a world where strict regulations are in abundance. As our absolute priority, security represents a commitment well beyond the legal framework. In addition to its compliance with this regulation, Infomaniak is in the last phase of its ISO 27001 certification process which is the result of many years of work. This standard defines the highest requirements in terms of information security management.

From a wider perspective, the GDPR is consistent with Infomaniak’s desire to put users and security at the heart of its processes. Infomaniak is therefore taking all the necessary steps to reassure its customers that it will comply fully with the GDPR as soon as it comes into force.