Infomaniak’s partnering École 42 Lausanne to train future generations of developers in French-speaking Switzerland. Each year, 200 trainees will be able to follow a 2 to 4-year training course, entirely free of charge, based on revolutionary training principles. No prior qualifications are required, but certain aptitudes are, such as agility, self-learning, playfulness, inventiveness, a willingness to work in a team, etc.

In addition to the financial support, Infomaniak is creating new training modules for the twenty 42 Network schools spread across the five continents. Our teams will pass on their expertise to 15 to 20 in-house trainees each year.

Combating the shortage of developers

Switzerland is foreseeing a shortfall of 28,000 IT specialists by 2028. Infomaniak, which has hired more than 100 people since 2015, sees recruitment as a growth issue. We’re investing significant resources in several training programmes to produce tomorrow’s experts and develop domestic know-how.

“The only way to guarantee confidentiality and data protection is to have complete control over the technologies we use. That’s why Infomaniak contributes to open source and actively supports skill development at a domestic level.” Marc Oehler, CEO Infomaniak

This independence contributes to the development of cutting-edge know-how in Switzerland, Europe’s “data safe”.

Informing École 42 trainees of Infomaniak’s requirements

Becoming a main partner of École 42 Lausanne means playing an active role in the training of the next generation of developers. The trainees will be able to acquire skills through contact with high-level teams and familiarise themselves with some of the most demanding processes in the market. Infomaniak will also contribute its expertise in innovative areas such as virtualisation and ecodesign.

New courses designed by Infomaniak

We’ll gradually impart our know-how through modules designed with our experts. The modules will be accessible to all 42 Network trainees throughout the curriculum, as well as Infomaniak staff. The training could cover aspects such as:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with OpenStack
  • Containerisation and scaling with Kubernetes
  • Distributed and extensible object storage with Ceph

Trainees will immediately be confronted with the security constraints that govern all our activities and make the specificity of a player like Infomaniak.

Agile methods to foster innovation

Infomaniak and École 42 are both characterised by a horizontal hierarchy. Both advocate accountability and promote autonomy, a sense of responsibility and friendliness.

Agile philosophy as an accelerator

It’s by promoting challenges and transversal communication that we manage to innovate. Ideas must be able to circulate and be tackled quickly, in iterations. The methodology at work at Infomaniak naturally resonates with École 42’s training principles:

  • A light yet sufficient and human-centred framework
  • Early delivery of prototypes
  • Flexible responses to change

The cultivation of a collaborative mindset

Both for École 42 trainees and Infomaniak, people must be able to develop and grow together. The training offered by 42 reflects this priority: peer-to-peer learning, participatory functioning and project-based learning. Following this logic, trainees explore together and evaluate each other, just like in real life.

Given this philosophy, friendliness and camaraderie are excellent ingredients for success. We regularly organise away-days to strengthen bonds, relieve pressure and spend time away from work.

We strive for technical excellence and across-the-board sustainability

The partnership with École 42 Lausanne is based on a shared interest in challenges. That’s how we became a benchmark in terms of ecological hosting. To bring our developments to fruition, we prioritise ideas and their realisation rather than qualifications at all costs.

“Infomaniak is a sustainable, cutting-edge company that sets an example for us. This partnership will allow us to work on tangible projects with methods that are directly applicable.” Christophe Wagnière, Director, École 42 Lausanne

With École 42, we want to give wings to atypical profiles with a hunger to achieve things. We want to give these people a conducive environment and the means to become the architects of tomorrow’s digital world.

Infomaniak: multiplying initiatives in local education

The partnership with 42 Lausanne is part of a major effort by Infomaniak to develop new skills in Switzerland. We’re partners with CREA of a new study programme in French-speaking Switzerland, the bachelor’s degree in web development and applications. Infomaniak is also partnering a practical junior web developer training course with Association Réalise.

If you’re dreaming of creating the tools that everyone will be using in the near future, enrol now at École 42 Lausanne: you’ll find it here.

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