We’re proud to be the partner in a new educational course in French-speaking Switzerland. Our best people will be sharing their expertise with students on the BA in web and app development course at CREA School in Geneva. The degree’s number one aim is the employability of candidates. Internships with a potential job at the end, workshops on real-life case studies, exchanges and networking with our developers – the future specialists will dive into the actual reality of the Swiss digital industry.


We develop our solutions in-house in Switzerland

For Infomaniak, developing in Switzerland is a matter of course and gives us total control from a technical perspective, from coding to cloud infrastructure. In order to protect and develop this local expertise, we develop the vast majority of our products in-house and take it upon ourselves to train our colleagues in the technologies we use.

It’s difficult to recruit developers in French-speaking Switzerland

Developers in Switzerland are all already in employment, but we need to find experienced coders quickly to support our product development. Just like lots of companies in French-speaking Switzerland, we’re buzzing with ideas but there just aren’t enough skilled people to make them a reality. However, our growth is the best way to guarantee that we continue to be an attractive employer for future generations.

We need developers who’re adapting to the changing industry

Infomaniak needs competent, qualified and independent system engineers and developers to work effectively in a practical context. Currently, it’s self-taught individuals who already have several projects under their belts that integrate best into our workflow.

No courses or educational programmes in French-speaking Switzerland directly meet the demands of companies

The educational offering doesn’t fulfil the specific needs of companies. To be an effective developer, you need to be able to easily get into the swing of things, quickly put together a product model in a new language, test it, redo it and so on. The digital market in French-speaking Switzerland needs an injection of agile talent.

Infomaniak is sharing its expertise with CREA School and creating a new educational course

We’re going to be actively involved in the new Bachelor’s degree course in web and app development. The degree brings together the best experts at Infomaniak and CREA School in Geneva in a partnership like no other in Switzerland.

“We needed some local drive in the digital industry. This partnership with Infomaniak provides industry expertise but also creates a direct link to the market, and therefore to future employers.” Dimitri Ganevat, Director of the Bachelor’s programme at CREA

Guaranteed industry-recognised education

We want students choosing this course to have the guarantee of being able to easily find a job in the digital sector. Over the three-year course, they’ll have contact with specialists working in the industry and will benefit from the expertise of Infomaniak developers. They’ll soon come face to face with real business challenges in their many work placements, including time spent working in Infomaniak’s development teams.

Awakening future developers to meet real industry needs

Designing online services requires knowledge of coding but also involves ethical, legal, moral and environmental responsibilities. Students will develop their professional practice with a focus on an in-depth study of security and data confidentiality, which form one of the things that set us apart on the market.

A study programme designed to boost employability on the market

We want future developers to be able to add value to companies straight away. Infomaniak developers aim to teach students a how to adopt a practical mindset that maximises their effectiveness in the field.

Learning how to code and decode

Students will acquire an in-depth knowledge of coding and develop a conceptual vision so as to be able to understand the visible and invisible aspects of projects. The contributors from Infomaniak will teach the students our tricks and shortcuts so they can work more efficiently and solve problems. Students will develop the most independent working style possible so they can transform ideas into reality.

Being able to manage all project types

To be valuable to an employer, you have to be able to get up to speed with production workflows quickly. Students will use agile working methods currently being employed in companies. They’ll also learn how to think around the constraints posed by budgets and realisation schedules.

Knowing how to adapt and progress rapidly

Future developers will evolve in a real business environment. They’ll learn the needs and skills of the professionals they’re working with (design, marketing, clients etc.) in their career. They’ll be able to bridge the gap and position themselves as facilitators.

Nothing can replace experience

Experience is priceless for employers. The students on the course will increase their practical experience several times over as they take part in workshops with Infomaniak developers to work on real case studies. They’ll integrate into companies in the region to work on real projects in two internship phases over the course of their studies. The constant contact with professionals will allow them to foster a network before they’ve even finished their studies.

Infomaniak will hire the best candidates

We’re not forgetting the purpose of this endeavour: to create a virtuous circle encompassing industry and education. We’re going to meet and accompany new creative minds throughout the different work placements at Infomaniak. We’ll offer interesting positions to candidates who’ve acquired the expertise we’re looking for 🙂

Would you like to become a developer or learn new digital skills?