This is kMeet, the free and secure videoconferencing solution to organise your meetings online. Also available on your mobile with a free app, kMeet offers a privacy-friendly alternative to American solutions. This service joins kDrive and to enhance Infomaniak’s range of collaborative work platforms that protect your data privacy.

Starting an online meeting

kMeet: the secure platform for your online meetings

We believe that your meetings are exclusively for you and your participants. kMeet protects your data and your discussions so that they stay that way.

Your video conferences with kMeet are confidential

The discussions are transmitted exclusively via our servers in Switzerland to protect the confidentiality of your data. You also have the option of password-protecting your meetings.

No need to disclose the email addresses of your participants

Infomaniak Meet prevents participants from being listed and analysed by tech giants. Your guests join video conferences without having to provide their email address. All they need to do to join a meeting is click on your link.

Choose a meeting space you can trust

No need to be an expert when there are simple and transparent solutions. Infomaniak Meet runs without the need to register, without proprietary software and without analysing your data.

Organise a video conference

kMeet is free and unlimited

Organise a multi-party video conference with as many participants as you want. Talk to your clients, your colleagues, your students or your family for as long as you want.

Designed for remote collaboration

kMeet is the free solution ideally suited to teamwork, providing an online course, holding a virtual class or carrying out an interview for a job.

kMeet offers:

  • the organisation of voice and/or video calls
  • personalisation of the name of the video conference
  • screen sharing
  • chat function (to all participants or privately to a single participant)
  • password protection

Free mobile app for iOS and Android

When you install the free kMeet application, you can easily create or join online meetings using your device’s camera. No setup is required.

Download kMeet for Android or iOS (available on April 6).

kMeet is compatible with Firefox and Chrome

kMeet works directly in a browser on workstations. No more hold ups waiting for participants to “log in”, install and run their application. All they have to do to join your meeting is click on the link you sent them.

Create an online conference

We facilitate access to applications for teleworking in times of crisis

During this period of the Covid-19 health crisis, Infomaniak wants to allow everyone to use secure services that respect privacy. kDrive, our collaborative cloud service, is free for three months. We are increasing the capacity of SwissTransfer and supporting online initiatives.

kDrive: work and access your data from anywhere

A highly accessible solution to store all your files in kDrive and collaborate on documents from anywhere.

Discover kDrive with 90 days for free

Share up to 50 GB of data with

Swiss Transfer allows you to send extremely large files for free. This service is also available as an extension for the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Discover SwissTransfer

School platforms online for free, powered by Infomaniak

Swiss schools can register on and create a classroom for distance learning for free. Infomaniak is fast-tracking the roll-out of this entire project throughout Switzerland with its Jelastic Cloud infrastructure.

Want to know more about how we protect your data?

Our team is committed to the principle of data protection day in and day out. Find out why you can trust us with your data in this article.