Infomaniak has partnered with a local training provider to train junior developers and smooth their path into the industry. In collaboration with Réalise, this employment-oriented digital training course fosters the rapid acquisition of practical skills. Without the need for a degree or previous experience, trainees on internships are immersed in the practical reality of the industry by working on real projects. Thanks to our “job dating” scheme, those graduating from the course even have a chance of landing a job at Infomaniak.

Léo, hired by Infomaniak after an internship

Everything went very fast for Léo. We were in the middle of recruiting technical support specialists. His knowledge and attitude were a perfect fit for Infomaniak’s DNA. He got on well with the teams during his internship, so we offered him a permanent position at the end of his course.

Successful trajectory towards the company of his dreams

Léo had had his sights set on Infomaniak for several years: we’re a local employer known for our long-term commitment and offering huge potential. And now he’s working here. He deserves that break.

After 10 years working in a restaurant, his employer made him redundant: a difficult period ensued involving finding employment and turning things around. It was in this challenging context that he seized the opportunity to train in web development with Réalise. Léo spent six months learning the basics, studying the mechanisms and familiarising himself with the technologies that power mobile websites and app. He also cultivated a developer’s mindset and methodology – curiosity and resourcefulness.

Constant contact with Infomaniak customers

Léo’s now one of our technical support specialists. He’s honed his knowledge and become a go-to expert for certain Infomaniak products such as Infomaniak Mail and Swiss Backup.

“My role offers me a great deal of autonomy. I can have a real discussion with the customer and handle the issue from start to finish, i.e. until the problem is resolved. It’s this human side that’s very rewarding.” – Léo, Infomaniak technical support specialist

A developer capable of translating user requests

A technical support specialist with a training in development is an opportunity for everyone. When required, Léo’s able to bridge the gap between the customer and our development teams. His point of view as a “translator” of user requests helps to find new solutions. Léo swims in familiar waters as he navigates between the technical and human sides of his role.

The #digitaltraining for altering trajectories

Web development offers promising career opportunities. Established following a survey of the jobs market, Réalise’s #digitaltraining meets a need: businesses in Geneva are in dire need of developers.

Designed in partnership with the business sector, this six to seven-month practical training course offers a wide portfolio of turnkey tools and hones the individual qualities of budding developers. It’s recommended for anyone changing career or direction, whatever the career profile. Its curriculum reflects the knowledge and skills required in the field:

  • Project work
  • Analysis
  • Scrum management
  • Peer programming
  • Technology watch
  • UX design
  • Coding
  • Self-training
  • Proactive solution finding
  • Time management
  • Communication

As you’d expect, trainees are immersed in web technologies (Apache servers, domains, databases, etc.). They learn the basics of html and CSS, Bootstrap and php by undertaking projects such as creating a “mini Facebook”.

A win-win interface

In addition to skills enabling them to be of immediate use to an employer, trainees benefit from help with their job entry strategy. This involves rigorous selection and coaching to match candidates with employers’ requirements.

“Our collaboration with Infomaniak is very useful. As one of the most innovative companies in the sector, it allows us to adapt our courses to the current and future needs of businesses.” – Cécile Marguerat, Communication & Public Relations Manager for Réalise

Infomaniak continues to invest in local training

By developing our solutions in Switzerland, we’re facing a situation of full employment in web development. Even though Infomaniak’s very appealing to potential job applicants, it’s important to develop and spread this local know-how by ensuring that new developers are trained.

Giving everyone a chance

As a company that’s growing and committed to a responsible economy, we want to offer opportunities for all career profiles. That’s why we support training programmes such as Réalise’s #digitaltraining.

Infomaniak regularly hosts “job dating” events to meet and recruit future candidates. We also share our vision of the market, our needs and our advice with Réalise. Infomaniak CEO Marc Oehler sits on the Réalise Advisory Board.

Developing diversified training programmes

We strongly believe in practice as a learning method and want as many trainees as possible to experience it, which is why we’re also partners of the Extension School of the EPFL Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, and the MATRICE program of Ecole 42. Find out more

Free web hosting for all students in Europe

If you’re a student and want to carry out a personal practical project, you can do so for free. We’re offering professional web hosting and email for the duration of your studies. Seize this opportunity here.