Our ecological approach has been rewarded by Services Industriels de Genève (SIG). Infomaniak has won an Energy Transition Trophy thanks to its 14.7% reduction in electricity consumption and a reduction of its CO2 emissions in 2019. This is the result of our continuous improvements in energy efficiency.

A 14.7% reduction in electricity consumption

We already design and operate one of the most environmentally benign data centres in the world (see virtual tour), with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.087. That’s to say that our infrastructures consume just 8.7W (cooling, cameras, etc.) per 100W which are used exclusively by the servers.

We’ve worked on three main areas to achieve this result:

  1. Optimising the ventilation: improved airflow in the server rooms for more efficient cooling.
  2. Replacing components and improving certain servers, which has also allowed us to purchase fewer new servers and thereby reduce our carbon footprint.
  3. Designing our own control software to monitor our infrastructures even more precisely in a bid to identify points requiring improvement.

Infomaniak, a laboratory for industrial ecology

Some technologies are insufficient and lead us to imagine more efficient solutions. We’re conducting small-scale experiments before translating the results of our research to an industrial scale.

Solar powered electricity

We’ll be contributing our own efforts to the production of the energy mix we consume (exclusively composed of certified renewable energies). For instance, we’re currently covering the roofs of our data centres with photovoltaic panels. The electrical energy produced will be fed directly back into our supply network.

Our next data centre will use energy twice over

Infomaniak’s ecological infrastructure will be increasingly in symbiosis with its environment. We’re collaborating with the SIG heat team to prepare our next data centre, which will reuse 100% of the warmth produced to heat apartment buildings. By harnessing the energy for computing, the heat from which will be re-injected into the community, this new data centre will far surpass the efficiency of our most recent data centre, which is already an exemplar.

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