Infomaniak launches, a free email offer for life for Swiss residents that’s both ad-free and data analysis-free. With 20 GB of storage, this Swiss-made messaging system allows you to repatriate and store the emails of a lifetime. Access to kDrive with 3 GB of storage is also included for photos and online collaboration on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Free messaging that’s privacy friendly

The email address is the key to our digital life. It contains our private and professional correspondence and records all our online purchases. It’s also our primary online identity. It’s used for authentication and registration on all websites, to create accounts in applications and to receive access codes.

“Our business model is about safeguarding data, not selling it. We’re developing our own ecosystem so we never have to compromise on our values. No personal data is analysed or resold to third parties. Our free services such as SwissTransfer, kMeet and are financed by our paid products and contribute to extending Infomaniak’s reach.” Marc Oehler, COO at Infomaniak

Easily synchronise your emails, contacts and appointments

The Mail interface allows you to switch between light and dark mode according to your preferences.

Once your address is created, a wizard allows you to easily synchronise your emails, contacts and appointments on your mobile with the email application of your choice. The desktop is where everything is easily managed online ( or using your preferred email software (Outlook, eM Client, Thunderbird, Mailbird, etc.).

Easily migrate your current email system allows you to synchronise your appointments and contacts on your devices.

A wizard allows you to automatically retrieve all emails and folders from your current email addresses (Gmail, Outlook, etc.). It’s also easy to import your existing appointments and contacts using and

A sovereign drive to collaborate and securely back up your documents and photos

kDrive lets you share and access your photos and documents on all your devices.

Each address includes 3 GB of storage for easy online collaboration and file sharing. If you’re already using another cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive, it’s easy to migrate your data to kDrive. A wizard automatically takes care of importing your files. Just like our other products, kDrive is developed and hosted exclusively in Switzerland. The data is replicated on three media and protected by Swiss data protection laws. The storage space can be increased at any time to back up more files.

Collaborate online on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents

kDrive lets you create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files online.

Thanks to public sharing links, this free service allows several people to work on Office documents together in real time.

Access your files wherever you are

kDrive is compatible with all devices and operating systems.

Simply install the kDrive app on your devices to access your files and work wherever you are. On mobiles, the application even allows you to scan documents and save your photos in real time to easily share them with your contacts.

A Swiss alternative to the web giants

For GAFA, free access is a way of retrieving huge amounts of data on their users in order to predict user behaviour and offer advertising services to their partners. You shouldn’t have to settle for these pseudo-free offers for lack of credible alternatives. is a service that gives everyone the chance to regain control of their data: it comes from an easily accessible provider that’s devoted to developing independent technologies, jobs and expertise in the heart of Europe. Choosing Infomaniak also means banking on a company that’s already part of a sustainable economy. We design some of the most efficient data centres in the world; we also use only locally produced renewable energy and we offset all our residual CO2 emissions by 200%.

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