Infomaniak’s partner programme is evolving and introducing two new long-awaited features: customer management in separate accounts, and the possibility of receiving cashback at each renewal. The partner space offers an overview of customers and direct access to the products under management.

“The aim of our partner programme is to provide a competitive, independent and scalable alternative to the tech giants that our partners and resellers can easily sell to their customers.” Maxime Joris, Project Manager at Infomaniak

1. Take advantage of a dedicated interface to easily manage your customers

The reseller area allows you to link customer accounts to your partner area and easily access the products under management.

Infomaniak’s resellers and partners get an intuitive interface to access the management of customers’ products and manage:

  • Access to customer accounts to administer products;
  • The partner organisation’s user access to customers’ products;
  • The earnings generated each time a customer renews or orders products.

2. Receive cashback with every renewal

As an Infomaniak partner and reseller, you benefit from discounts on your purchases and when you pay for your customers’ products with your payment methods.

Customer accounts linked to a partner account earn cashback each time the partner or customers pay for orders/renewals with the customer’s payment method. Here, the products are invoiced at the public price and the partner receives cashback equivalent to the amount of the partner discount.

Everything is designed to ensure the security and confidentiality of customer data: partners can access the technical management of products authorised by the customer, but not e.g. the emails or files stored in kDrive.

The reseller space displays the discounts and earnings per customer. To facilitate the monitoring of earnings growth, a dedicated view will soon permit the display of customers’ cumulative earnings.

Customers can grant full or limited rights to their partner. If they manage their own billing, the partner receives recurring cashbacks.

3. Increase your business’s visibility and acquire new customers

Working with Infomaniak means you’ll enjoy the following benefits for free:

  • All Infomaniak customers can launch calls for tender from their account. These are passed on free of charge to our partners, who are free to contact new qualified prospects looking to hire a professional.
  • Infomaniak partners and resellers can be listed free of charge in this directory. A customer searching for a partner from their account will see your business in this list.

The two services are evolving: we’re working on a new version designed to improve the relevance of results and matches.

4. Integrate our services into your solutions via our public APIs

Going forward, Infomaniak’s online services will gradually be able to be integrated into your solutions via public APIs. Here are some examples that your developers will soon be able to achieve:

  • Plugins to enhance the functionality of kDrive or Infomaniak’s Webmail;
  • Send and manage videos/podcasts on Infomaniak’s VOD/AOD platform from your interfaces;
  • Offer storage services using Infomaniak’s cloud infrastructure;
  • Etc.

This opening up of our ecosystem will be gradual and come with new features for Infomaniak’s customers and new lucrative opportunities for Infomaniak’s partners.

5. Benefit from a privileged contact with our teams

As an Infomaniak partner-reseller, you provide your customers with support and have privileged access to Infomaniak’s support. Your feedback on our products and your needs are important, as are those of our customers.

Feel free to explore the conditions to be met to become an Infomaniak partner-reseller, or contact our support about this opportunity.

6. Offer your customers unique guarantees and benefits

Why work with Infomaniak rather than Microsoft or Google? Using Infomaniak’s services to meet the needs of your customers offers you the following guarantees:

  • Infomaniak is a Swiss and independent company that belongs to its employees. With us, you know where and how your customers’ data is managed.
  • Our data centres and solutions are designed in Switzerland by our own developers, which promotes job creation in the Geneva and Winterthur regions. We control the security and confidentiality of the data entrusted to us from start to finish.
  • Our servers and infrastructures are managed by OpenSource technologies such as OpenStack.
  • Our prices are very reasonable and set in such a way as to ensure the sustainable development of our services without the need to offshore jobs.
  • Our support services are based in Switzerland and speak your language. Our teams can easily communicate and escalate your needs to management and our developers.
  • We don’t compromise on ecology.

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