One FM, LFM, Radio LAC, One TV and LFM TV: the Media One Group sets the tempo for daily life in western Switzerland with local content, entertainment, music and regional news. For the group, the far-reaching changes currently facing the media with digitalisation represent a number of technological challenges to be overcome. With its radio and video streaming solutions, its VOD and AOD platform and its cloud hosting, Infomaniak is a prime partner.

“To manage several media in the long run, it is essential to adopt and use the right technology at the right moment. To help us stay on track, we need a specialist partner who is reliable and progressive over time – like Infomaniak. ” Alexandre de Reamy, CEO of Media One Group

ONE FM, LFM, RADIO LAC: strong brands familiar to the public

In 25 years, Media One Group has succeeded in developing emblematic brands in the western Swiss audiovisual landscape. It is difficult not to know these three stations when you live in Geneva, Lausanne and the surrounding region, thanks to DAB+ and the Internet. Talking, observing, celebrating and punctuating our daily life: that is precisely the remit of Media One Group. The audience generated by its activities exceeds 500,000 people every day: more than enough reason to attract the attention of advertisers. That is why, still maintaining its local dimension, the group has created its own advertising management and production service, Media One Contact, which in particular works with the radio stations Rouge FM, Nostalgie, NRJ, Virgin Radio and Radio Plus.

Making use of technological developments to stay ahead

Media One Group is the leading group of private radio stations in western Switzerland and that requires commitment, in particular in technological terms.

“In the field of audiovisual and media, technological development is constant, and even exponential. That’s what makes the development work exhilarating, demanding and motivating. ” Stéphano Allocco, Technical Director of Media One Group

As for the other actors, broadcasting radio and TV programmes automatically requires the use of one or other of these technologies:


The broadcast element (FM, DAB+, TNT) is used for the main broadcasting activity. It reaches audiences in their car, at work or in the cafeteria, while the broadband element facilitates online broadcasting (Swisscom TV, Net+, Infomaniak web streaming).

Satisfying a more fragmented media consumption

“Today, over half the visitors to our websites use a mobile phone, so it is up to us to provide the technical guarantee that the content is accessible and loaded as quickly as possible. ” Stéphano Allocco, Technical Director of Media One Group

Broadband and the web foster the diversification of broadcasting channels: podcasting, webcasting, websites, VOD, mobile apps, etc. This means that content can be boosted in the long run by sharing and that the reach and lifespan of the programmes can be extended, in particular via social media. The web also encourages the creation of original formats (clips, native podcasts, playlists, etc.), which can be adapted to advertisers’ needs and which increase the possibilities for points of contact and the creation of audience loyalty. These adaptations involve painstaking content editing, re-encoding for numerous platforms, formats and target peripherals in different resolutions.

The channels of the Media One Group are also subject to seasonality and large audience fluctuations. Loading the websites varies according to the news content and events. One FM, which initiated the Lake Parade, experiences a strong upswing, for example, during the One FM Star Night, a unique show calling on its web platform, streaming feeds and video/audio on demand feeds.


  • Developing media brands by calling on technological developments with the support of an accessible, reliable (in the long run) and recognised technological partner.
  • Optimising the diversification of broadcasting vectors, formats and resolutions to meet the changing expectations of audiences.
  • Adapting the group’s IT infrastructure to the constraints of seasonality while taking account of the technological and ecological opportunities.

Media One’s digital infrastructures are managed by a team of 4 people with 100 internal users (and more than half a million daily media, app and website users).

Choose Infomaniak: reliable, progressive, local and human

“Infomaniak is one of the group’s historic providers, offering a solid working relationship and loads of enthusiasm. Our teams enjoy an open relationship and maintain regular dialogue with the technical and management teams. We can test or take a step backwards – it’s very useful to make progress. ” Alexandre de Reamy, CEO of Media One Group

Opting for a technological partner with an excellent knowledge of the media

It’s fair to say that with Infomaniak, we have all the tools and contact partners available under the same roof. It’s a strategic advantage. Since 2005, Infomaniak has managed the radio streaming feed of One FM, which has become Switzerland’s leading web radio using the technology developed by Infomaniak, which has also designed a website at the cutting edge of current capabilities. We have been accompanied through the all successive developments the media have undergone.

Today, we make considerable use of the Infomaniak range of services:

Some services are currently in the evaluation phase:

We also appreciate the fact that we can participate in regular information meetings with the Infomaniak teams involved in developing the VOD platform. In particular, we have worked with Arnaud Toullieux on integrating the V2 of the VOD API, an enhanced version which offers us more functions to be exploited with a development potential in line with our needs.

“Infomaniak is actively committed to local media partners, such as Media One, and international partners with a view to developing our media products together. ” Arnaud Toullieux, Streaming & VOD Lead Developer at Infomaniak

Reliable and efficient solutions for diversifying broadcasting channels

Beginning with radio and video streaming, the Infomaniak broadcasting solutions have demonstrated their reliability in the long term. HLS streaming with adaptive bitrate ensures good feed stability according to bandwidth variations experienced by the audience (transport, public WiFi, etc.). The Infomaniak streaming platform greatly reduces the weight of the broadcast and offers us peace of mind, and therefore freedom. We can count on:

  • audio/video feeds which are available regardless of the load/conditions.
  • reliable statistics, an analysis and audience monitoring tool provided by the platform.
  • a solution compatible with most advertising systems available on the market.

We use the VOD and AOD platform to diversify our formats, which can be consulted via our apps and websites. This diversification makes it possible to extend the lifespan of the content, which listeners can follow in several instalments. Audiences can find the content on our platforms and share it via social media, thereby increasing its initial scope.

Our collaboration with Infomaniak with regard to this product, which allows our teams to focus their efforts on producing content rather than managing it.

“With the public API from Infomaniak, we have been able to link our broadcasting systems with the Infomaniak VOD platform, with the result that we have fully automated the generation of our audio and video podcasts without any human intervention. The lunchtime news finishes and a few minutes later, it is automatically made available to our listeners via all our media and apps. ” Stéphano Allocco, Technical Director of Media One Group

The Infomaniak cloud can meet peak loads while reducing the ecological footprint

We believe that the shift towards the “full cloud” is inevitable. We do not want to purchase or monopolise servers, the production of which causes pollution, when we can now use dedicated virtual resources which are far more economical and environmentally-friendly. We must also overcome the problem of seasonality, with greater needs during our events and load peaks proper to the media and the news.

We currently have cloud servers and are studying the possibilities offered by Virtuozzo Cloud and Infomaniak Public Cloud. We still do not know exactly which of these technologies we favour. Doubtless both: Virtuozzo for dynamic resource re-scaling, for example, and Public Cloud to provide our developers with greater control over the infrastructure.

This Infomaniak development in the cloud gives us the desire to evolve with them and to rethink the architecture of our future services with containers, dependencies, micro-services, etc.

Working with Infomaniak services

How is the implementation of the Infomaniak solutions going?

Generally speaking, implementation of the Infomaniak solutions is simple.

The Infomaniak solutions are robust and stable in the long term. We nevertheless sometimes require the assistance of the Infomaniak teams, as our field of activity is relatively specific. A big thank you to their team, as we have always benefited from excellent support.

Have you encountered any difficulties in practice?

Our constraints are mainly linked to technological development and security updates. We sometimes have the feeling of running to catch the train – we just finish updating certain services and new major upgrades arrive. Ultimately, progress is a necessity and the fact that Infomaniak keeps pace is greatly appreciated, in particular in light of recent events (Log4shell fault, for example). To keep up with everything, we need to optimise our procedures on a regular basis 😉

What is the role of “swiss made” in all that?

It is essential for us that the production tool (studios, editing, etc.) is based in Switzerland, and more precisely in Geneva and Lausanne. Geographic location has a major impact on our listeners’ and customers’ perceptions of our media, and thus on the audience and turnover.

What are the elements “you couldn’t do without”?

Infomaniak provides us with reliable and robust solutions, a fact we particularly appreciate. Having the opportunity to call on high-quality services is an essential factor in being able to grow in total peace of mind. What we also greatly appreciate with Infomaniak is the personal contact; if necessary, we know we can talk to the teams and that we will be given the necessary support, which is absolutely essential, great and above all precious.

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