Infomaniak’s partner and reseller programme is aimed at professionals who’d like to offer their clients an outstanding level of service at the same time as guaranteeing one of the best value for money offerings on the market. Developed for and with web and IT professionals, Infomaniak’s reseller programme is based on your requirements:

With more than 70% professional clients in Switzerland and Europe, Infomaniak is a genuine booster when it comes to growing your business. Widely recognised, our cutting-edge technology provides an additional pledge of prestige to strengthen your prospects’ interest and consideration, at the same time as helping to consolidate your reputation in the long term.

Increase your value creation with Swiss-madeweb hosting services

If you’d like to attract a discerning clientèle, you need to be able to convey a very high level of perceived quality. With its Swiss-madeexpertise, Infomaniak is invariably associated with the best standards in the industry.

Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain and even Italy: year after year, professionals have named us one of the most competitive web hosting companies on the market.

The strength of the company’s local footing is also confirmed in the territory of white cross brands: as a matter of fact, the Swiss pay between 20% and 50% more for Swiss-made products [1].

As an Infomaniak partner, you claim a level of quality that you’re both the craftsman of and the ambassador for: there’s sufficient support for your prices, while you even more conveniently become your prospects’ preference.

The reliability of a partner, the proficiency of an expert and the boldness of a pioneer

Clients want you to provide them with two things: guarantees and results.

What could be more satisfying than providing your clients with the right solution, without needing to overcome or even deal with the technical constraints of a profession that isn’t yours?

As a partner and expert, Infomaniak works hand in hand with you: web agencies, developers and IT service providers to ensure that your digital infrastructure will play its role perfectly, under all circumstances. Working alongside you, we develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that adapt to your organisation and budget, with a view to achieving both your and your clients’ objectives. Whatever the project or type of client, you’ll always find the expertise you need at Infomaniak.

Coming out on top of most hosters’ rankings and comparisons, we provide one of the most successful offers on the market:

  • Web hosting: our shared service for discerning professionals
  • Cloud servers: the new generation of dedicated server with dedicated resources at the best price
  • Virtuozzo Cloud: the most powerful and cost-effective Swiss PaaS to deploy the technologies and infrastructure you need
  • Very-high-availability hosting with SLA: hosting that guarantees your services are fully redundant, whatever happens
  • Swiss Backup: the most cost-effective encrypted backup solution for managing backups of all your devices

Swiss reliability and security

All the technologies you need

Designed to develop with your success from the outset

“Minimum price and maximum service” has been how we define quality for more than 25 years

As an Infomaniak partner and reseller, you are involved in adopting the best web quality standards. You provide your clients with the most relevant solutions, all the while benefiting from highly preferential prices and incomparable quality of service.

Dedicated support with immediate access to the specialists of each product

Unanimously recognised by professionals, Infomaniak’s support service is there whenever you need it. You have a dedicated email address to get answers to your questions quickly and easily. You benefit from a contact who is attentive to your particular needs and has direct access to the specialists for the products forming the subject matter of your requests.

Highly competitive prices and free rebilling

With a basic discount of 10% to 35% off and even up to 45% off: you benefit from top-of-the-line services at the best prices on the market. As a partner, you benefit from significant discounts that are added to falling prices. You will also find DV and EV SSL certificates at the best prices on the market.

Your clients and your prices: you’re free to rebill your clients for hosting services at the price you want. Infomaniak is committed to never contacting its partners’ clients directly.

Easily manage all your clients in one place

Forget complex interfaces like cPanel. Instead, use Infomaniak’s administration console to manage your client portfolio with ease. You benefit from centralised management of your products and bills as well as client access.

Acquire new clients and increase your visibility thanks to Infomaniak’s tenders platform

We promote your business’ development in the long term. All of our clients and visitors who are looking for a web agency or webmaster, a developer, an integrator or an IT support provider can send free quote requests to Infomaniak’s partners. You therefore regularly receive quote requests from targeted prospects through our tenders platform. You also benefit from greater visibility among a qualified audience by registering in our service provider directory.

Use the themes and extensions that WordPress Elegant Themes has to offer for free

Elegant Themes’ professional WordPress themes (DIVI, Extra, etc.) are available free of charge with Infomaniak’s hosting services. As many webmasters and web designers would confirm, DIVI saves a substantial amount of time when creating professional websites. You can reuse all or part of a website to create another one using your personal library. You also have access to Elegant Themes’ premium extensions, directly from Infomaniak’s management console (the Manager).

Become an Infomaniak reseller

A product ecosystem designed for productivity

Stay one step ahead. To support your clients in as many projects as possible, Infomaniak provides you with an ecosystem of professional services:

There’s no need to look elsewhere, or even to waste precious time learning exotic tools. With Infomaniak, you already have all the solutions you might need. And they mean you don’t have to decline a client request due to a lack of technical resources or solutions. In fact, you can rest assured that you can offer your clients one of the integrated and consistent services, whatever their requests.

Choose a recognised partner that’s already part of a sustainable economy

Nowadays, consumers are looking to reconcile using powerful tools and minimising their impact on the environment. And that’s exactly what we’ve been implementing since 2007.

As a pioneering company offering high-end ecological hosting, Infomaniak is committed to the climate through concrete and uncompromising actions:

  • We design our own ecological data centres that don’t use air conditioning and are exclusively powered by renewable energies.
  • Infomaniak also offsets 200% of its annual CO2 emissions, which makes it a climate-neutral company.
  • We have developed our own ecological and sustainable development charter outlining 20 commitments, which is among the most stringent in the sector. These efforts are rewarded by certifications such as ISO 50001 and ISO 14001, which confirm our exemplary energy and environmental management credentials.

By being an Infomaniak partner, you resell and are involved in distributing ecological solutions that are perfectly aligned with companies’ needs.

How do you join Infomaniak’s partner and reseller programme?

Our reseller programme has been designed for web agencies, developers and IT service providers. But anyone who meets the following criteria is still welcome to apply to become an Infomaniak partner:

  • The total amount of the products managed within the reseller programme framework must be equal to or higher than CHF 2,000 per year or EUR 1,800 per year
  • The reseller must be a company registered with the Swiss Commercial Register / SIRET or equivalent
  • The reseller ensures their clients’ support for contracts that fall under the reseller programme framework
  • The reseller is invoiced directly by Infomaniak and is therefore responsible for the related invoices
  • The reseller undertakes to exclusively use Infomaniak products for the contracts acquired by its call for tenders system
  • The reseller accepts and has understood the partners’ special conditions

Join Infomaniak’s partner and reseller programme

Further information

[1] Internationale Studien zur Wahrnehmung der Marke Schweiz, University of St. Gallen et al., 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2016.