Having a website is good – making it popular is better! Here is a Top 10 tips for getting your website known and attracting more visitors to your WordPress site.

1. Free small ads

There are dozens of small ad sites, like anibis or le bon coin. Write small ads which present your activities/services/products without forgetting to give the link to your site at the end of the message. Most small ad sites are checked frequently and as a result will bring you targeted visitors if your message is engaging enough.

2. Your email signature

Whatever software or Webmail you use to manage your emails, the chances are that you will be able to get your website known just by adding a signature which includes your website address at the bottom of all your outgoing emails. If you use the Infomaniak WorkSpace, it is very easy to create signatures for your various email addresses.

3. Creating a Facebook, Google+ page

Whether you visit this giant of the net privately or as a professional, Facebook remains one of the most visited sites in the world. Creating a colour page for your website is therefore quite a good idea to optimise your site’s referencing. Be careful to allow enough time to update your Facebook ad Google+ pages regularly, though.

4. Opening a Twitter account

Although it is not as popular as Facebook, Twitter is still a site which attracts more specialised and targeted traffic. Of particular interest for niche markets, Twitter can be useful for promoting your services/products as well as for following and sharing news related to your activities. Opening an account in order to obtain your @mywebsite handle is easily done via this page.

5. Writing blogs

Offering high-quality content related to your activity in the form of articles is an excellent way of attracting new targeted leads and developing your expertise while keeping in touch with people who are already interested in you. The secret of a blog’s success lies in your ability to arouse the interest of your readers over the long term and naturally in converting these leads into clients through a newsletter.

Tip: Wait until you have written a good dozen articles before you start publishing the first ones. That will allow you to find your style and to guarantee you publish regularly in case something unexpected crops up.

6. Sharing articles on social networks

Sharing links to your blog articles on your social networks is an excellent way of unearthing new readers and stirring their curiosity and interest for what you have to offer online. While it is not easy to collect feedback on an emerging blog (due to a lack of visits), it is exactly the opposite on social networks.

7. Setting up a newsletter

Sending newsletters is a little like sending mass emails, except that the recipients can subscribe/unsubscribe at any time. It’s up to you to create quality articles and to keep your reader waiting for your news. Your blog articles or things you have dug up on social networks are examples of things you can include in your newsletter.

With the Infomaniak Newsletter tool, it is easy to create a list of subscribers and send attractive newsletters. Newsletters are one of the best ways to build loyalty and turn an audience into clients.

8. Registering your site on directories

One of the main factors in being well referenced is to get external links to your website. A fast way of doing this is to register your site/blog on free directories. Be careful – quantity does not necessarily mean quality; so be careful not to use certain sites which for example promise registration on 1,000 directories for peanuts…

Find a list of Francophone directories here.

9. Word of mouth

This resource is as old as time and has not ended its useful life. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of getting people to talk about your site. So don’t hesitate to add your website address on your business cards, on your shop front and to talk about it in conversations with your leads as well as in thematic forums and groups (Facebook, Google+).

10. Infocommercials

Regional newspapers and magazines sometimes showcase websites of active businesses/people in their region. Also, don’t hesitate to let journalists have unique and original content; you will find their contact details at the bottom of articles they have written in their publications, on websites and their media.


There is a range of small things you can do on a daily basis to attract visitors to your site. In this Top 10, we have given you some tips and we are aware that there are are many more. We have made the decision to dismiss paying actions like SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which consists of creating AdWords campaigns on Google or paying for advertising via social networks.

Steve Raffner