This year, Infomaniak is celebrating its 25th birthday. By developing its own independent technology, the company has forged a unique path on its way to becoming a pioneer of ecological web hosting. Its services, used by genuine leaders in the economy, now guarantee the availability of some of the most popular websites and applications in the world. Today, Infomaniak ranks among the leading developers of web hosting technologies in Europe and is one of very few companies on the market with more than 25 years of experience to draw on.

For its customers, partners and the Infomaniak team, these past 25 years have been more of a journey than a history. They have been 25 years of meetings, discussions, challenges and collaborative projects; 25 years of realising an ethical and sustainable vision of business in general and the web in particular. Through its community and its employees, this vision – already so well-established at Infomaniak – is gradually spreading to other companies at a time when the environment and the protection of personal data are becoming key issues.

Intrinsically linked with the history of the web

Today, Infomaniak could arguably be described as the quintessential embodiment of Swiss digital expertise, and this is because it has been instrumental in the development and propagation of the web itself. The business was born in 1994 in a modest garden shed a stone’s throw from CERN in Geneva, where the first ever web page had been published four years before. At the time, IT whizzes were finding an outlet for their passion by developing and selling personal computers. Then things really started to take off.

In a constant stream of activity, Infomaniak connected its first 40,000 customers in Geneva to the Internet, developed the first web-based radio streaming service in Europe, became an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar and began specialising in website hosting. The company channelled its ingenuity into developing unique expertise that no one else in Europe could offer: the first premium web host was born.

Spearheaded by its founder, Boris Siegenthaler, and his colleagues, Infomaniak consolidated its leading status and its technological independence. This focus has enabled the company to gain the trust of major corporations and is the reason why it now enjoys a rare degree of autonomy in the face of the tech giants.

Supporting web sovereignty in Europe and in Switzerland

Switzerland’s attractiveness as a ‘safe’ for digital data is undeniable.

At a local level, Infomaniak invests all of its expertise into developing its own range of cloud services, the most environmentally friendly data centres in Switzerland and final products that evolve with their users. It attracts and recruits the best talent in the market in the specialist areas needed to create viable alternatives to Gmail and Dropbox. Unusually, these outstanding engineers undertake the entire product development process in Switzerland, leading in particular to open source technologies at the highest level.

Thanks to this unique approach, Infomaniak is now able to offer an alternative to the Big Five tech companies with services that respect the environment and its customers’ data.

Protecting users and the environment as a priority

Disseminating vast amounts of data is not only a strategic focus, but a huge responsibility too. In keeping with its values and its corporate vision, Infomaniak puts security, respect for privacy and responsible management above all other considerations. The company has regularly received recognition for these priorities, which are managed by a full-time specialist at Infomaniak.

Creator of independent cloud services that respect privacy

While some companies are as hell-bent on power as national governments, focusing heavily on using proprietary technologies to capture their users’ data, Infomaniak prefers to cultivate its independence.

Webmail, data backups (Swiss Backup), large file transfers (, newsletter tools, ticketing systems and even invitation managers: the list of independent solutions provided by Infomaniak just keeps getting longer.

Never losing sight of its start-up spirit, Infomaniak is committed to moving towards a service-based business model. Its teams are working hard to develop a 360° digital service with integrated and complementary tools designed to make life easier for businesses and self-employed professionals.

Thanks to its technical expertise, Infomaniak is now able to deliver advanced ‘virtualisation’ technologies that make it possible to break free from hardware constraints. These technologies enable all kinds of applications to be deployed in the cloud, from individual all the way to national level, in a matter of seconds and without blowing the budget.

Simply put:

thank you.

Your expectations, your demands and your loyalty to Infomaniak fill us with pride and motivate us to keep on improving and pushing our limits. As we mark our 25th anniversary, all our staff would like to offer you their warmest thanks.

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