Infomaniak launches kDrive, the cloud for storing data and collaborating online that respects your privacy.

A complete alternative to the Big Five tech companies

kDrive meets the expectations of SMEs and individuals looking for an alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive that respects privacy and data confidentiality. We’ve developed this product in-house using the latest technology, and all data is hosted exclusively in Switzerland in our ecological data centres.

By choosing kDrive, you benefit from a secure ecosystem for working online, safe in the knowledge that your data is not being analysed, in accordance with our privacy policy.

It includes all the features you need to unleash your productivity

Choose a cloud that guarantees your privacy

You can relax, your files are triple encrypted and backed up in kDrive. If necessary, you can restore previous versions of your files at any time.

Work wherever you want, with whomever you want

Your files are accessible anywhere and on any device – at work, at home or on the go. Team folders, password-protected links: kDrive provides all the sharing options for easy remote collaboration. Decide who can view your files with access and user rights control.

Collaborate in real time on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents

You can work on all Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. kDrive supports all formats and dispenses completely with Microsoft Office 365. You can, of course, collaborate with several people on the same document at the same time.

Switch from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive with one click

Moving data from one service to another can be cumbersome. To make your life easier, kDrive takes care of everything: 1 click is all it takes to migrate your files automatically, without having to do anything else. You’re back to your usual arrangement as if nothing had changed.

Among the most competitive rates in the sector

Infomaniak has thought of all its customers by developing attractive modular plans. As you would expect, kDrive is scalable on demand and can reach more than 100 TB, depending on your storage needs.

kDrive comes in three options:

  • Solo, from 2 TB: this option is ideal for individuals who want to access their data from all their devices. It allows you to back up files and easily share photos, videos and documents.
  • Team, from 3 TB and for 6 users: this option is recommended for small teams and can also be suitable for families. It allows you to collaborate and centralise files while saving money with a single low-cost subscription.
  • Pro, from 6 TB and 3 users: designed for SMEs and large companies, the Pro option facilitates collaboration with teams and partners thanks to powerful productivity tools and data storage in a highly secure cloud.

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