2016 ended with the launch of a new generation of Cloud Server, the release of a new newsletter tool, and access to our high availability infrastructure at very competitive rates.

2017 Roadmap

What’s new for 2017? Admin Console, Newsletter Tool, Web Hosting, Cloud Server, WorkSpace, Domain Names, Anti-DDoS Protection, Streaming Radio, Streaming Video, VOD/AOD, the release of new products…we will give you a quick look at the main new features we are preparing for the upcoming months!

The admin console your client space

New design adapted for mobile devices, more powerful and even easier to use, the client space you use to manage your products is about to be greatly improved in 2017. This major change will be deployed gradually and will first concern the following products:

  • Synology NAS
  • Client account management (users, billing, etc.)
  • Retailer/partner space
  • Streaming radio
  • Streaming video
  • Audio and video on demand (AOD/VOD)
  • Domain names

This new graphic interface will be accompanied by a documented API, which therefore opens the way for automation scripts, plugins for CMS, and will also make it possible to set up an admin console that is totally adapted to your needs.

In 2017, it will also be possible to renew your products automatically using your prepaid account or a credit card.

Retailer/partner space

Based on your user feedback, we have completely overhauled our bidding system, which now enables anyone to contract a professional at the best rate to create a Website, a mobile app, or fix your infrastructure.

This new system will make it possible to evaluate your vendors, better target your requests, and specify the skills you need to make your projects a success. What’s more, the bidding will remain totally free and involve no commitment.

The release of this new bidding tool is planned for the first half of 2017. In the meantime, you can still use the current tool to find a webmaster or a Web professional.

Newsletter, Marketing Email Tool

Since its launch in April 2016, our Newsletter tool has continued to evolve and now supports advanced contact segmentation, which makes it possible to use contact lists according to precise conditions, for example.

In the coming months, you will be able to use the tool through an API and it will also support the automatic sending of newsletters according to customized (autorespond) conditions, which will make it a very powerful marketing tool for acquiring new prospects.

Web Hosting, Cloud Server, Mail Hosting

In terms of Web hosting and Classic, we are going to be offering support for IPv6 and HTTP/2 protocols and the node.js software platform.

As for managed Cloud Servers , you’ve certainly seen the launch of the new generation of Cloud Server which you can take advantage of immediately. Among the new features planned for 2017, you will be able to use the HTTP/2 protocol. Not to be outdone are unmanaged Cloud Servers and you will have the option of creating snapshots in order to easily restore your services if necessary.

With our Mail hosting, you will be able to conduct advance searches in the logs of your email accounts. This way, you can autonomously verify many different pieces of information on the activities of your email accounts (logins to accounts, sending emails, etc.).

Lastly, all your hostings and services will benefit from new, even more effective Anti-DDoS protection . We have terminated our collaboration with the US company, Level3, to use the Anti-DDoS solutions of the leader, Arbor Networks with the Swisscom network. During DDoS attacks, your traffic will then transit exclusively through servers managed in Switzerland.

Domain names

Regarding domain names, we are going to offer insurance for protecting your domain names. If an insured domain name is not renewed, it will be renewed automatically by Infomaniak, this way you will maintain your rights to the name without having to pay the usual restoration fees.

Additionally, you will have the option of protecting email addresses from Whois for your domains in order to protect against SPAM. This protection from Whois will be free and will be based on an email address that changes regularly. Messages sent to this temporary address will first be filtered by our Spam dam before being redirected to your personal email address.

Among the improvements to be made to the admin console, it will also be possible to peform bulk actions on your domains, which should save you time if you manage many domains.


As you may have noticed, our support has been responding to your written requests 7 days a week for the past few months. In order to better sever you, we are also going to expand the operating hours of our support in the morning (before 9 a.m.) and the evening (after 5:50 p.m.).

Among the other planned improvements, we are going to test the introduction of chat support in order to be able to immediately handle your sales and technical requests that do not require in-depth analysis.

Online storage service hosted in Switzerland

In order to respond to the growing need of companies to simplify and secure the management of their data and backups, we are going to launch a new online storage service.

This service is aimed at any organization that wants to sync and/or backup data in Switzerland. The data will be stored exclusively in Infomaniak datacenters, and we offer Open Source and existing paid solutions in order to enable you to back up and sync the data of your choice in the Cloud.

The pricing for this online storage sevice will be very competitive, and a free basic lifetime offer will also be offered with the launch of the product.

Audio and video on demand (AOD/VOD)

Our video and audio on demand service is going to be completely overhauled as part of the admin console changes. Among the new features planned:

  • Support for the latest technologies: HTML5 player compatible with all supports (desktop computer, tablet, mobile device, etc.), automatic adjustment of video and audio file quality based on Internet connection speed (adaptive bitrate streaming), etc.
  • Increased video quality (resolution, bitrate, encoding, etc.)
  • Improved management of scalability
  • Interface completely redesigned based on user feedback
  • Improved plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla
  • Complete overhaul of statistics

This major change in our AOD/VOD service will not require any action for existing users and will be accompanied by an attractive updating of our pricing

Streaming video and radio

After replacing all our streaming infrastructure with latest-generation servers, we are going to completely improve the graphic interface and the software portion of our audio and video streaming service:

  • automatic adjustment of video and radio quality based on Internet connection speed (adaptive bitrate streaming)
  • The establishment of an HTML5 compatible with all supports (desktop computer, tablet, mobile device, etc.)
  • Improved stability of the live recording system for export to an FTP or VOD space
  • Addition of diagnostic and alert tools
  • Complete overhaul of statistics

Among the other improvements to the program, you can also share a video or radio stream on Facebook.

Other new features

Many other new features are planned for the coming months, in particular…

  • Integration of the DKIM authentication standard for emails sent from WorkSpace
  • The continuation of administrative steps aimed at receiving ISO 270001 certification
  • Improvement and automation of our communications system in the event of a crisis


In 2017, we are going to improve our services, while continuing to innovate. This list is not exhaustive! Our Roadmap may change based on your feedback, and we are planning on bringing you more good news in 2017!

We would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the entire Infomaniak team, to thank you for your loyalty and wish you a great 2017.