On March 7, the entire planet followed the first stage of the around the world trip by an aircraft powered solely with solar energy.

As a specialized partner in the project, Infomaniak has hosted the site, managed all the emails and offer live streaming of Solar Impulse since the start of the adventure. The site has supported a significant streaming load, with over 20,000 simultaneous users.

By providing high end hosting (clustered Cloud and email), Infomaniak is proudly contributing to the success of this exceptional project. To build this airplane, Bertrand Picard and his team selected cutting-edge Swiss companies, both for their expertise and for their capacity for technical innovation. Infomaniak is one of these partners, with its pioneering spirit, a long-term vision, and a real desire to explore new horizons.

Infomaniak is partnered with Solar Impulse to promote renewable energies and the technologies needed to protect the environment. The Swiss host also supports the Planet Solar project, the largest solar boat in the world. This catamaran works only by solar energy captured by photovoltaic panels with a surface area of 512m2.