Infomaniak reçoit le Prix du développement durable
From right to left: Boris Siegenthaler (Infomaniak CEO), Alexandre Patti (Head of Sustainable Development)

Through Cantonal President François Longchamp, the Canton of Geneva has awarded Infomaniak the 2015 Sustainable Development Award. This prize was awarded for the development of the greenest datacenter in Switzerland as well as the company’s exemplary ecological charter.

Infomaniak CEO and company founder Boris Siegenthaler is extremely proud of the award: “This award crowns our commitment to responsible development which was made in 2007. Thanks to Alexandre Patti, head of sustainable business development, we improve our social and environmental responsibility actions every day.”

The most environmentally-friendly Datacenter in Switzerland

Over 5.5 million Swiss francs have been invested in the development of the company’s third datacenter  (DIII). The use of computer servers that do not require air conditioning has dramatically reduce power consumption, without reducing server performance. With the decline in nuclear power and the low profitability of renewable energies, the Swiss Confederation has gradually imposed measures regarding energy efficiency. The DIII is therefore considered a pioneer in this field and enables Infomaniak to provide environmentally-friendly Web and Email hosting at attractive prices.

Exemplary environmental charter

The Infomaniak charter features 17 commitments that address themes such as energy, mobility, procurement policy, and waste management. The company promotes, among other things, the use of electricity exclusively from renewable sources, offsetting CO2 emissions, employee contribution to an ethical pension fund, using public transport or carpooling and electric vehicles. Infomaniak annually invests between 3 and 5% of its turnover in actions related to the implementation of its environmental charter.