My Easy Site lets you create and maintain a scalable, ergonomic website without any programming knowledge. It is based on the most widely-used content management system in the world, WordPress. All new Web hosting offers (Web+Email, ManagedCloud server, Web) let you use My Easy Site.

With My Easy Site, it has never been easier to create a Website. You can choose the title, language, your login and the appearance of your website, and it’s online.

No databases to configure. No FTP accounts to create. No technical issues. Your WordPress site can be created in less than a minute, and you are then free to customize it as you like using an accessible, user-friendly interface.

By using My Easy Site, you will have no-cost access to over 80 premium WordPress themes (view the themes included). Also, your site will be faster, because we automatically install WP Super Cache, for you, a module that accelerates the display of your website.

Judge for yourself, and see how quick and easy it is to create a WordPress site with My Easy Site from Infomaniak:

To use My Easy Site, order an Infomaniak Web hosting or activate it from your admin console.