Since 2013, Infomaniak has entrusted the responsibility for the company’s energy management to one employee for whom this is the main task. This employee’s objective is to continuously improve the company’s energy performance and increase our environmental ambition.

All offices and computer rooms are equipped exclusively with low consumption lighting. Office lighting is turned off on nights and weekends, and during working hours, when rooms are not occupied.

Desktop computers are put into hibernation mode in the late afternoon and monitors are switched off each night.


Two important objectives of the Infomaniak Environmental Charter

  • 1. Using electricity exclusively from renewable sources.

    The electrical energy used by the company to supply its data processing centers and offices consists of:

    • 80% energy from hydroelectric power (“TÜV SÜD EE01” certified)
    • 20% energy from renewable sources (“Naturemade Star” certified)

    By 2015, it will be composed of 60% energy from hydro and 40% of energy from renewable sources.

  • 2. Fully offsetting the CO2 emissions generated by the company

    In 2012, the company emitted the equivalent of 349.12 tons of CO2. This value is low for our industry and can be achieved mainly through the supply of renewable electricity, as well as ongoing efforts to use only environmentally-friendly consumables.
    Infomaniak is certified by Myclimate. This is a non-profit foundation of Swiss origin, founded in 2002 at the ETH Zurich, which is one of the international leaders in voluntary carbon offsetting. It offers comprehensive services related to climate protection.