On 25 September, Swiss people will vote on the “green economy” initiative for sustainable environmental development. This vote affects the whole population and is particularly important for green hosting service providers who offer environmentally-friendly servers.

Infomaniak is wholly committed to the green economy and the company has always been proactive in environmental protection and sustainable development. Infomaniak has already signed up to the “green economy” approach and prioritises energy efficient technologies.

Boris Siegenthaler, Infomaniak’s CEO, supports this environmentally friendly approach and says that “Infomaniak’s growth shows the viability of an environmentally and socially responsible development model. The initiative for a green economy goes in precisely that direction, and that is why I support it. “

What is the aim of the “green economy”?

Its aim is to develop better management of the natural resources we have. The initiative aims to actively fight climate change, deforestation and overfishing.

In order to achieve this, the “throwaway” economy must at all costs transform into a circular economy based on what is “sustainable” and the reuse of waste as raw materials. The goal is to significantly reduce Switzerland’s environmental footprint by 2050.

The initiative is based on 3 axes:

  • climate protection
  • resource efficiency
  • “clean” imports

Infomaniak and its role in the green economy

Since as far back as 2007, Infomaniak has been a part of the green economy approach through its actions and its commitments. The environmentally friendly company is a green hosting service provider which promotes an ecological and socially responsible attitude:

  • Energy : 60% of Infomaniak’s energy is from hydropower and 40% from renewable sources.
  • Datacentres: all the servers used by the green hosting service provider have “low voltage” technology and are cooled by the air outside rather than air-conditioning.
  • Mobility: Infomaniak actively encourages its partners to use shared transport, walk or cycle when they move around. The green company awards grants to its partners, a sum which is dependent on the means of transport used as well as the distance travelled.
    Every year, Infomaniak participates in the “Bike to work” scheme with over a third of partners who participate in the green approach
  • Environmental and social responsibility:the company which has environmentally friendly servers pays into a pension fund which aims to be ethical and sustainable for its employees.
  • Purchases: all purchases made by Infomaniak prioritise companies with an environmental charter as well as eco-friendly products or services.
  • Waste: Infomaniak recycles everything which can be recycled. All waste is sorted and recycled. What is more, the green hosting service provider avoids printing at all costs – at Infomaniak, we try to be paper-free wherever possible.
  • Offsetting CO2 emissions: Infomaniak offsets all of its CO2 emissions (transport for partners to get to their place of work, manufacturing and removing servers, electricity, air-conditioning, operations, etc.) by supporting projects managed by the MyClimate Foundation.
  • Energy and environment management: the green hosting service provider has been ISO 14001 et ISO 50001 certified by the International Standards Organisation since April 2015. These standards allow us to continue improving our energy performance and provide a framework of reference to assess and anticipate potential environmental risks associated with our activities.

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