This article is old and may contain information that is not up to date. For current specifications of our web hosting services, please visit this page.

Infomaniak clients still using the old console can migrate for free to the current admin interface. In this article, you will discover the advantages and the implications of this migration.

1) Why migrate to the current console?

Increased security

If you stay on the old console, you will be limited to PHP 5.5 and since 10 July 2016 this version has not been updated.

The current console covers the latest versions of PHP and MySQL. By migrating your site, your sites will be much less exposed to security risks (hacking) and will benefit from improved performance.

Improved performance

Sites managed on the current console benefit from professional SSD disks. This technology improves the loading speed of your pages and optimises the speed of the applications like WordPress or Joomla which use MySQL databases.

By using the current console, you will also be able to use the latest versions of PHP and MySQL For your information:

  • PHP 7 is up to 2x faster than PHP 5.6 and up to 14x faster than PHP 5
  • MySQL 5.6 speeds up the request execution, which reduces the loading time for web pages

Improved flexibility

The current console allows your products to be customised to suit your needs:

  • increase the disk space of your site up to 240 GB
  • manage up to 100 websites on just one hosting (multi-site/multi-domain management)
  • customise the configuration of your domain name DNS (A record, MX record, etc.)
  • configure the PHP version of your choice for each of your sites and for the directories of your choice
  • separate your Web and Mail hosting and only pay for the services you really need
  • create FTP accounts restricted to one specific directory
  • migrate your Web hosting in a few clicks to a managed Cloud Server / VPS

More advantages

The current console is permanently evolving. By migrating, you will particularly benefit from these advances:

*Available soon.

2) Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to migrate?

Migration to the current console is absolutely free and does not alter the current expiry date of your products.

Am I going to lose my website or my emails?

When you migrate, you will have the following choices:

  • to keep or cancel your Web hosting
  • to keep or cancel your Mail hosting

If you keep your Web hosting, you will have the choice of automatically recovering all your data (files and MySQL databases) or starting again with a blank disk space.

If you keep your Mail hosting, all your email addresses and their content will be kept.

Is it easy to migrate?

No specialist knowledge is needed in the following cases:

  • you decide to only keep your Mail hosting
  • you decide to keep your Web hosting without recovering your data in order to create a brand new website

If you want to keep the current data from your Web hosting:

  • you will need to modify the name, the server, the user name and password of the database in the configuration file of your Web applications
  • you will need to modify your website’s code if it is not compatible with PHP 5.4 or above

In all cases you will have 30 days to modify your site without affecting the production version visible to visitors. Before permanently switching your website traffic to the new server, you will be able to preview its performance and ensure that everything is working correctly. If needed, you will be able to assign a Webmaster or one of our partners to carry out the necessary changes.

Is the price of my products going to change?

In the current console, every product (Web hosting, Mail hosting, domain name) is invoiced separately in order to offer more flexibility. Generally, the cost of your current hosting should not increase if you use 25 email addresses or fewer.

Are there any functions which are no longer supported on the current console?

Because the architecture of the current console is more recent, certain functions are no longer available or have had to be replaced:

  • PHP versions below PHP 5.4 are not supported
  • sitebuilder (website generator) has been replaced by My WordPress site
  • the SMS platform which can be integrated with a website is no longer supported
  • the tool which allowed contact forms to be generated is no longer supported
  • the tool which allowed a visit counter to be displayed is no longer supported

Will I be forced to migrate one day?

We have not scheduled stopping our old services

However, we may one day be unable to continue to support the old console. Its architecture blocks the use of certain technologies, which could in time generate significant security issues.

We therefore recommend that you migrate your hosting to the current console if you are able to.

3. How do I migrate to the current console?


  1. if necessary, create a client account on the new console
  2. log in to the new admin console
  3. click on Product management
  4. under Hosting, click on Other actions and choose Import from the old console
  5. enter your login details from the old console
  6. follow the guide which is relevant to your situation: