Infomaniak clients who are still using an old hosting can migrate to our latest offers free of charge. In this article, you will discover the advantages and whats involved in this migration.

1) Why migrate to our latest hostings?

More security

By keeping an old hosting, you are limited to PHP 5.5 and this version has no longer been updated since July 10, 2016.

Our current hostings can handle the latest versions of PHP and MySQL. By migrating your site, your sites will be much less exposed to security risks (hacking).

Better performance

The latest hostings feature professional SSD disks. This technology improves the loading speed of your pages and optimizes the speed of Web apps like WordPress or Joomla, which use MySQL databases.

Loading speed is an important indicator for your site’s search engine optimization (SEO):

  • PHP 7 is 2x as fast as PHP 5.6 and up to 14x as fast as PHP 5
  • MySQL 5.6 accelerates the execution of queries, which reduces the loading time of Web pages

More flexibility

Our latest hosting solutions let you customize your products based on your needs:

  • Increase the disk size for your site to up to 240 Gb
  • Manage up to 100 Web sites on a single hosting (multi-site/multi-domain management)
  • Customize the DNS configuration for your domain names (A record, MX record, etc.)
  • Configure the PHP version of your choice for each of your sites and for the directories of your choice
  • Separate your Web and Mail hosting and pay only for the services you really need
  • Create FTP restricted to a specific directory
  • Migrate your Web hosting in just a few clicks to a Cloud Server/Managed VPS

More benefits

Our hostings are constantly evolving. By migrating, you will benefit from all our new features:

  • Get 100 Gb of SSD disk space (as opposed to 60 Gb currently)
  • Install WordPress, Joomla and over 120 Web apps (Drupal, ownCloud, Koken, etc.) in just a few clicks
  • Install a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt in 1 click (https://votresite.tld)
  • Increase the sécurity of your domain names with DNSSEC
  • Temporarily disable a site with a customizable maintenance page
  • Create a Web page quickly with an editor that is minimalist and easy to learn
  • Send newsletters for free using our new bulk mailing tool
  • Log in to your MySQL databases using SSL (Find out more)
  • Access your hosting using SSH
  • Use all the premium WordPress themes free from the following agencies: Elegant Themes, WooThemes

2) Frequently asked questions

How much does migration cost?

Migrating to our new hostings is totally free and does not change the current renewal date of your products.

Am I going to lose my site?

During the migration, you will have the following two choices:

Is it easy to migrate?

No knowledge is required if you decide to erase the contents of your hosting in order to create a new Web site.

If you want to keep your existing sites:

  • You must adapt the name, the server, the user name and password for the database in the configuration file for your Web apps
  • You must adapt the code for your site if it is not compatible with PHP 5.5 or higher

In any case, you will have 30 days to adapt your site without impacting the version in production that is visible to your visitors. Before permanently switching the traffic for your site to the new server, you can preview its rendering and make sure everything works properly. If necessary, you can hire a Webmaster or one of our partners.

Is the price of my hosting going to go up?

No, unless you decide to migrate to a managed Cloud Server. Otherwise, you will keep your current rate.

Are there functions that are no longer supported in the current hostings?

Since the architecture in our new hostings is more recent, some functions will no longer be able or had to be replaced:

  • PHP versions earlier than PHP 5.5 are no longer supported
  • The sitebuilder has been replaced by My WordPress site
  • The SMS platform that could be embedded on a site is no longer supported
  • The tool that was used to generate contact forms is no longer supported
  • The tool that was used to generate a hit counter is no longer supported

Will I be forced to migrate some day?

We have not planned to stop our old hostings.

However, it is possible that we will be forced to no longer support our old hostings some day. Their architecture blocks the use of some technologies, which could eventually cause significant security problems.

So, we recommend migrating to our new hostings if you can.

3. How do you migrate to the new hostings?

  1. Open the Manager (
  2. Go to Hosting
  3. Click on the hosting/domain name concerned
  4. Click on the Change offer button

Then, carefully follow the guide that is appropriate to your situation.

  1. Keep my current site (recommended)
  2. Erase the content of my current hosting and create a new site (ideal for starting from scratch)
  3. Keep my current site and switch to a Cloud Server