While you are performing important updates or migrating your website, your site is generally unavailable. Let your visitors know thanks to a maintenance page which can be personalised in two short minutes.

Here is an example of a maintenance site: https://exemple-domaine.ch/

This new tool allows you to temporarily deactivate your site while displaying a personalised notice. Intuitive and friendly, our interface allows you to…

  • personalise the background image of the maintenance page
  • publish your logo
  • write a personalised message
  • insert one or several videos
  • choose the IP addresses which will not be affected by the maintenance mode
  • share your contact information (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin accounts)

The management of the maintenance mode is simple and is carried out directly from the admin console. No need to create a index.html page and upload it to the server any more.

We like to make managing your Web presence easier and hope you will enjoy using this new tool.

Discover how to activate the maintenance mode on your hosting.