A growing number of websites are hacked because many automated applications and services make it possible to discover and exploit security weaknesses on sites that are outdated or do not respect the usual security rules. These attacks are as much about Web applications (outdated CMS, themes, and extensions) as custom developed sites (XSS, SQL injection , etc.).

These attacks are generally aimed at using your website to spread illegal content or send unwanted mass emails (SPAM, pfishing, viruses).

To enhance the security of your site, it is essential to implement these golden rules:

  • Regularly update the Web applications, extensions, and themes used
  • Download extensions and themes from verified sources
  • Install and use an updated AntiVirus program (regardless of your operating system)
  • Use a complex, unique password for each online service you use
  • Follow the general rules to prevent SQL command injection attacks

These are simple and quick tips to implement, and as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

What Infomaniak does to help you if your site is exploited

We are continuously improving our security features to enhance the security of your personal data and the sites that we host.

When we receive a complaint or we detect that a site is compromised, we will inform you immediately via email and as a host, we must block any compromised site(s) to protect your site and your visitors against the threats outlined above.

In order to give you maximum flexibility, you can, in the vast majority of cases, clean and restore online the site(s) concerned without having to contact our customer service.