Infomaniak now offers SSD Web  hostings for all of its clients. All our Web hostings operate with latest-generation professional SSD disks, which improves website performance.

100% SSD Web Hosting: performance & sustainability

1. SSD hostings are a lot faster

A SSD disk is up to 100 times faster than a traditional hard disk. Data access is almost instantaneous and file transfer is considerably faster with this technology. This difference in performance can be explained by the fact that on a traditional hard disk, data access time depends on the proximity of the reading heads to the data, while on a SSD disk, access to all the data is instantaneous.

2. SSD disks last longer

The SSD disks we have chosen are designed for professional use and are guaranteed for 10 years by their manufacturer. Their non-mechanical design makes these disks more resistant and durable than traditional hard disks. They also consume less energy with a high load than mechanical hard disks, which translates to a low consumption of electricity.

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