The choice of a Housing offer is an important decision for risk management, because this decision may have a significant impact on your activities which are linked to the proper functioning of your servers. This is also the reason why the vast majority of organizations decide to outsource this risk and set up their technical infrastructure in professional datacenters.

To ensure the availability of your IT services, it is important to consider the following criteria when choosing a Housing offer:

  • The reliability of the power supply, cooling system, Internet connection, and fire prevention system
  • Access to datacenters 24/7
  • Security of datacenter access
  • The degree of flexibility of Housing offers (customized interconnections, etc.)
  • The speed of the Internet connection
  • The quality of the IP addresses provided
  • The experience of the provider and its partners
  • Ancillary services included (tools available on site, etc.)
  • The environmental factor (cooling system, power consumption, etc.)
  • The type of clientele targeted by the provider
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • The legal framework of the country where the datacenter is located
  • The price of the offer and its transparency (hidden costs, options included, etc.)

To make your choice easier, there are also standards. For example, Infomaniak’s datacenters are TIER III datacenters, which ensures an uptime rate of 99.98% for the infrastructure. To achieve this result, the essential components of the datacenter enabling uninterrupted operation of the servers hosted have a backup system ready to automatically take over in the event of a failure or malfunction.

Lastly, it’s important to take the time to contact potential providers to make sure that the Housing offer you are considering really fits your needs and requirements.

As the No. 1 web host in Switzerland for over 20 years, Infomaniak has its own data centers and offers flexible, attractive Housing solutions that take into account the criteria set out in this article.

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