Changing email addresses is a tedious process, because you have to send your new address to all your contacts and retrieve the content from your old email address at his new email address.

In most cases, the operation involves configuring in the old and the new email address in IMAP in an email program like Microsoft Outlook, and then manually copying the emails and folders from one email account to another. Depending on the size of email box to be copied, this can take several hours, and the risk of forgetting emails is high.

In order to overcome this problem, we have designed a tool that automatically takes care of copying emails and email folders from one account to another and ,of course, it works with Gmail,, Yahoo and other providers market that support the IMAP protocole.

To use our Copy Wizard, the email address whose contents is to be copied should be used with the IMAP protocole. You also need to have an email address managed by Infomaniak, know the IMAP server of the email account to be copied, and know the password for both email accounts.