Since January 11, 2016, every public or private organization with a headquarters and an actual administrative site in Switzerland can register a .swiss domain name. Requests can now be made for any type of name, but individuals cannot yet reserve a domain name with the .swiss extension.

The .swiss domain highlights Swiss values

The success of this extension is owed to the benefits it offers Swiss companies, associations and foundations:

  • It underlines the globally recognized values of the Swiss brand, such as precision, innovation, security, and quality
  • It clearly indicates the source and roots of your organization, both in Switzerland and on an international scale

Conditions for registering a .swiss domain

Who can reserve a .swiss domain?

  • Entities enrolled on the Swiss commercial register with their headquarters and a real administrative site in Switzerland (companies, associations, foundations, individual businesses enrolled on the commercial register)
  • Associations and foundations not enrolled on the commercial register with their headquarters and a real administrative site in Switzerland

Private persons are not currently able to file a registration request.

What domain names is it possible to register on .swiss?

Requests are possible for the following domains:

  • The domain denotes a protected brand in Switzerland
  • It denotes the name of an association or foundation
  • It denotes a corporate name enrolled on the commercial register
  • It denotes a geographical place (a legitimate interest must be proved)
  • It has a clear relationship with the applicant or the intended use of the domain
  • It describes a category of goods, services or activities
  • It is not reserved for other categories of applicants (domains linked to the Confederation, for example, are reserved)

From 11 January 2016, requests can also carry generic denominations, such as for example or (additional examples). In this case, you must comply with the specific conditions of a naming mandate and file draft terms of reference to the register.

Official OFCOM documentation

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