Infomaniak launches Renewal Warranty, a highly beneficial guarantee to eliminate all risks related to the renewal and the loss of your important domain names. As a leading Registrar, we see the impact of the consequences of the unintentional expiry of a domain name every day. This unique feature meets the needs expressed by Web professionals and should come as a relief to many businesses concerned about protecting their brand and domain.

Why guarantee the renewal of your domain?

How many companies forget to renew their domain? The scenarios leading to the expiry of a domain name are understandable and could happen to anyone. Ordinary situations such as the extended absence of an employee, an obsolete contact email address or even an invoice that ends up in spam can easily lead to missing the renewal deadline and, ultimately, the loss of your domain name. Have you ever noticed at the last moment that your payment method has been refused or blocked?

Blocked website and inaccessible email addresses: The impact of the expiry of your domain name may hinder the smooth running of your business and threaten its smooth operation. We know from experience that it is easier than it may seem to lose control of your domain. You run the risk of permanently losing your domain and for your business to incur significant losses.

Renewal Warranty gives you total peace of mind.

If your domain name is important for your business then Renewal Warranty guarantees that you will never lose it. Renewal Warranty has been developed based on feedback from our customers to ensure that your domains are renewed and to prevent any unwanted interruption of your online presence. If your domains are not renewed upon expiry, Infomaniak will personally renew them on your behalf, whatever happens. It’s the absolute assurance of maintaining total control over your domains and ensuring that they are accessible via your website and email addresses.

Protecting your domain by every means possible: how does it work?

We are committed to renewing your protected areas with Renewal Warranty for an extra year so that you can keep your services active no matter what. At the same time, we do everything we can to help you to keep your domain. You will be notified by SMS, telephone, email or letter when you need to act to renew your domain.

All of these measures are designed to prevent the unintentional expiry of your domains. Of course, you remain the sole owner of your domains and you are free to stop Renewal Warranty or to terminate your domains whenever you want.

Renewal Warranty can be activated in just a few seconds

If you already have a domain with Infomaniak, you can activate Renewal Warranty in just one click from the Manager, in the dashboard of the domain you want to protect.

Renewal warranty is also available when you order or transfer your domain. Infomaniak is one of the most advantageous registrars on the market and the price of Renewal Warranty does not deviate from this principle. Upon activation, the guarantee costs just 50% of the price of the domain and only 10% for subsequent years.

We have developed Renewal Warranty to get rid of all the risks associated with the renewal and loss of your important domain names in just one click, and we hope that you enjoy this new feature which should come as a relief to many companies that want to protect their brand and their domain.

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