Infomaniak has been awarded the quality labels Swiss Made Software and Swiss Hosting in recognition of our deep local roots. We cultivate a rare technological independence to offer secure digital solutions to customers all over Europe. In a bid to provide a real technological alternative to GAFAM, Infomaniak continues to invest in local development and ecology, but also in the circular economy and training.

Digital: a sector that values security

Switzerland is consolidating its position as Europe’s digital safe. Its role is intensifying with the increase in data volume, as well as with the market’s interest in independent and sovereign cloud services.

For us, storing your data in Switzerland is about more than enhanced security and confidentiality. It’s about choosing a dependable and accessible partner that makes an enduring contribution to the regional economy. Marc Oehler, CEO, Infomaniak

100% Swiss made: hardware, software and HR infrastructure

In contrast to the vast majority of hosting providers, our services and technologies are not dependent on any outsourced development team or other jurisdiction; the same applies to our administration console, which is entirely developed by our teams in Switzerland.

Infomaniak is in complete charge of all the links in the chain, from infrastructure design and construction to finished product. We develop local technologies and contribute to open source projects at the highest level. Our customers are not tied to any proprietary technology and have control over their data at all times.

Local added value embedded in Infomaniak’s DNA

Infomaniak has always been a local alternative that develops its own high-end services, initially as a computer shop and internet service provider, and now as a web solutions provider. Our outlook has always been sustainable, social and local. It’s written into the Infomaniak DNA. Boris Siegenthaler, CEO Infomaniak.

This local anchoring offers our Swiss and European customers a number of advantages:

Confidentiality and security

Most of our services are operated independently, exclusively in Switzerland. Infomaniak doesn’t use external software (e.g. cPanel, Plesk, RoundCube) to operate its flagship services – even to interface with its infrastructure. It means we can guarantee data confidentiality and security at all levels.

Accessibility and availability

At Infomaniak, there’s always someone you can talk to. Our multilingual customer support service, located in Geneva and Winterthur, is available 7 days a week by email, or by phone and chat Monday to Friday.

Responsiveness in the field

Our local anchorage allows us to stay close to our customers. We’re quick to make the corrections and improvements that our customers want by listening to their opinions.

Attachment to regional languages

Our team speaks German, French, Italian, Spanish and English. The products, our website and our wealth of documentation are also available in these five languages 24/7.

Infomaniak is a driver of the regional and sustainable economy

The company currently employs some 140 people in the Geneva and Winterthur regions, most of whom are highly qualified developers and systems engineers focused on developing an expertise that’s recognised throughout Europe. Moreover, we’re keen to see our ecological approach inspire and contribute to a sustainable, virtuous and increasingly circular economy.

Ecological data centres integrated into local infrastructures

Infomaniak designs its own ecological data centres in order to achieve its environmental protection objectives. We operate one of the world’s most environmentally benign infrastructures (PUE < 1.1), and we’re siting our next data centre within a group of buildings so as to directly supply the local heating network. Our goal is simple: to generate more energy than we consume.

Engagement with the local open source community

Infomaniak contributes as a developer or sponsor to numerous local and international events in the world of Open Source, Linux, WordPress, ecology, etc.

Support for Swiss and European teaching and students

We’re making real commitments to promote digital literacy. We offer free web hosting to all students. We’re partners of a new study programme in French-speaking Switzerland (bachelor’s degree in web development and applications). We also support the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) Extension School and École 42.

Employment and digital skills

Infomaniak employs 140-plus people in Switzerland. Their salaries help fuel the regional economy all year round. Thanks to our employees, we’re developing local, leading-edge digital know-how. This is the best way of ensuring technological diversity and providing companies with the tools they need in a market that’s increasingly channelling our data and expertise.

Fiscal transparency

Infomaniak doesn’t practise tax optimisation. We aim to conduct ourselves responsibly by contributing to the local economy.

Constant activism

We regularly meet our commitments to strengthen our social and environmental approach. Infomaniak recently joined the Chambre de l’économie sociale et solidaire (APRÈS-GE – a Geneva-based body that supports the social and solidarity-based economy) and is in the process of obtaining B Corp certification.

Infomaniak will become a “technology bio cooperative”

Currently wholly owned by its founders and employees, Infomaniak will eventually invite customers to invest in the company. Our mission is to initiate a virtuous circle at a societal as well as at an environmental level.

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