No more confusion. You can now use a single password to manage all your Infomaniak services and your login email. We’re continuously improving our interfaces to simplify your daily tasks and those of your users.

One single password to avoid confusion

It’s all very straightforward: as soon as you change the password of your Infomaniak account or login email, a wizard automatically suggests that you merge the two passwords. No more head scratching about the Manager login or the configuration of your email address in an email app.

Our drive to simplify things continues

We have a team that’s dedicated to simplifying the interaction between our products. We’ve recently completely simplified the creation and configuration of email addresses, SwissTransfer’s been incorporated into the new Webmail, kMeet now lets you record your meetings in kDrive, and the coming weeks will see the appearance of other improvements and new features to simplify your workflow.

Three recommendations for boosting your internet security

We end with three tips you’re strongly recommended to apply to boost the security of your online services.

1) Watch out for data leaks

Known sites regularly fall victim to security breaches that give hackers access to information about you, including your password and email address.

Tip: logs data leaks. You can register for free to be notified of any data leaks involving your email address.

2) Enable two-factor authentication

This two-step authorisation procedure means no one can access your online services even if they somehow have access to your password.

At Infomaniak, all you have to do is install our kAuth app on your mobile to activate this protection. It’s free and very fast! Also consider enabling two-factor authentication on your social networks and the online services you use.

3) Use a strong, different password for each service

If you use the same password everywhere, someone with malicious intent could access all your services in the event of a data leak. Using a different password for each of your online services means hackers will not be able to access all your services.

We encourage you to use a password manager that stores all your passwords somewhere safe and secure. The principle of this kind of app is simple: you create a complex password that encrypts and thus protects all your passwords.

When you create an account or log in to a website, your password manager then automatically suggests the correct password. It’s so much easier and more secure… and most of these apps even allow you to synchronise your passwords on all your devices!

Here are some of the more popular password managers:

Use these applications to create strong passwords of at least 12 characters.

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