Infomaniak now allows you to encrypt your emails with HIN to guarantee the security and confidentiality of your electronic correspondence. Founded in 1996 on the initiative of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH), HIN is already used by authorities, the legal profession and more than 90% of professionals working in the Swiss healthcare sector.

A secure messaging system adapted to small and medium-size structures

In Switzerland, professionals working in healthcare or dealing with health-related issues must meet the legal requirements in terms of protecting the confidentiality of information, in particular:

  • Art. 13 of the Federal Constitution
  • Art. 28 of the Civil Code
  • Arts. 321, 320, 162 and 273 of the Criminal Code
  • Art. 321 of the Code of Obligations
  • Art. 7 of the Federal Data Protection Act

Infomaniak’s HIN-encrypted email hosting service, allows you to observe professional confidentiality and the aforementioned legal requirements without having to install hardware on your premises. It’s a great solution for groups of doctors, medical offices, law firms, small clinics and similar practices (dentists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropodists, etc.).

How to obtain a HIN-encrypted email address

There are two possible scenarios:

Sending encrypted emails: how does it work?

Usually, when you send an email, it travels in plain text from the sending server to the receiving server that stores the email for the recipient. If it’s intercepted on the way, it can be read as clearly as a postcard.

The HIN service ensures that your email correspondence travels over a fully encrypted network. The data is unreadable until it reaches its intended recipient.

Your patients or clients don’t need to be members of HIN

HIN guarantees the confidentiality of data transmission both inside and outside an organisation. HIN members communicate without changing their habits, but their emails are encrypted/decrypted in the background so that they cannot be viewed or modified by third parties.

If an email is sent outside the organisation, e.g. to a patient, it’s also encrypted and labelled “(confidential)”. To be able to decrypt and reply to the message securely, the recipient receives a notification email inviting him or her to register for free on the HIN website using a code received by SMS.

Infomaniak respects your right to privacy

By choosing Infomaniak for your business emails, your data is stored exclusively in Switzerland and you benefit from all our know-how in terms of security and our commitment in terms of confidentiality.

Combining our email service with HIN allows healthcare professionals or those dealing with health issues to meet legal requirements while benefiting from our competitive rates and suite of tools: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, SMS, kDrive, SwissTransfer and kMeet.

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