Infomaniak is launching kPaste, a free solution for the secure transmission, via simple link, of sensitive information such as passwords and login credentials. The information stored by kPaste is automatically encrypted, plus it’s possible to protect what you share with a password for even more security.

  • How can I send a password or PIN securely?
  • How can I send credit card details by email?
  • How can I share login credentials? Do I have to send usernames and passwords separately?

We’ve developed kPaste to simplify these common scenarios 😎

kPaste: the guarantee that your message can be read only by the recipient

kPaste is a secure means of encrypting and sending text. Essentially, the application works like a secure pastebin. You simply paste your text and generate a share link for sending to your contacts. You’re always in complete control:

Encrypt your text without any software 🔒

There’s no need to be a secret agent to encrypt your messages: kPaste manages all the encryption for you from your browser. Your messages are encrypted on your device, stored in Switzerland until they are read, then permanently deleted.

Set the validity period of your message ⏱

This can be anything between 5 minutes and 1 month, after which the message self-destructs on our servers.

Delete the message after it’s been read 💣

How can I be sure my message won’t stay on the (possibly compromised) recipient’s device? You can set the message to permanently delete after a single read.

Protect your message with a password 🔑

Add an additional password that your contact will need to read your message. This is an additional layer of security, similar to two-factor (two-step) (2FA) authentication.

Zero knowledge: Infomaniak doesn’t have access to your contents

kPaste has been designed as a “zero knowledge” encryption system.

Neither Infomaniak nor anyone other than you and your recipient are aware of your message’s contents.

This is because your text is encrypted locally on your device. Your messages are sent in encrypted form exclusively via Infomaniak’s servers in Switzerland.

Legally, even when encrypted, your information is protected by Swiss data protection laws, which are amongst the strictest in the world.

A suite of services to protect your data

kPaste is part of a suite of productivity applications that respect data confidentiality. We recommend adding them to your favourites for everyday use:

  • kPaste: Infomaniak’s latest free service.
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  • kMeet: the free video conferencing solution that respects your privacy.