Infomaniak is committed to helping stakeholders in the economy work effectively at a distance without weakening privacy protections. Infomaniak uses its technological know-how and strategic independence to provide transparent and secure applications.

Teleworking tools you can rely on

Intensification of teleworking, social distancing and mobility: we’re actively developing our infrastructure to ensure the ultra high availability and scalability of all our services. At the same time, we’ve adapted and developed new solutions that help people break the virus’s chains of transmission and collaborate effectively at a distance.

SafeTracing: helping social life take its course

We’re launching a web app-based privacy-friendly tracing solution for restaurants and bars. Gastronomy professionals can set up our autonomous, free SafeTracing system in just a few minutes. Their customers benefit from a fully encrypted and privacy-friendly platform: the establishments have no access to the data, which is permanently deleted after 14 days.

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Infomaniak ticketing: distancing at event venues

Infomaniak’s online ticketing system automatically applies distancing between the seats of individuals and groups of people attending events. The application also allows the contact details of all ticket holders to be collected at the time of ordering with just one click.

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kMeet: a videoconferencing solution that respects privacy

Our multi-platform videoconferencing solution was launched to address the issue of data protection in online conferencing. Since then, we’ve boosted its capabilities and developed mobile applications. kMeet allows anyone to organise meetings and continue to work remotely and confidentially. Free and unlimited: we wanted to make kMeet as easy to adopt as possible. Today, our videoconferencing tool has become the go-to security solution for many companies.

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SwissTransfer can shoulder an exceptional load

The Covid-19 crisis has led to a need to send large volumes of data. This unprecedented situation is prompting many users to use our large-file transfer solution, SwissTransfer, more frequently and more intensively. Accordingly, we’re increasing the capacity of our secure infrastructure – and still not charging for this utility.

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kDrive: a secure transition to teleworking

This rapid spread of teleworking inevitably poses enormous security and data protection challenges. Infomaniak simplifies this problem by easing the way for companies and individuals to switch to remote working. kDrive allows you to store all your files online so you can access them wherever you are. It’s the ideal cloud storage solution for working with others, but also for ensuring service continuity, especially if you can’t visit your premises on a regular basis.

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A technological solution that respects privacy

From the company to the consumer, from the institution to the citizen: everyone should be able to benefit from optimum data protection. Our online services allow you to conduct your business remotely without having to entrust your data to a third party that may well exploit or resell it for advertising purposes (read 9 reasons to choose Infomaniak for your storage needs and data confidentiality).

Be part of an economy that makes sense

By choosing Infomaniak, you’re supporting a responsible use of technology and of the local economy. Infomaniak continues to take tangible steps to be a driving force in the circular economy and to continue protecting the planet and its inhabitants.

All our services incorporate our commitments, our DNA:

  • Transparency
  • Collective interest
  • Respect for the environment
  • Participatory management
  • Social management

This article describes the steps Infomaniak is taking to contribute to a more sustainable and ethical economy.