Custom Brand is a minor revolution for business, which can now use Infomaniak’s collaborative tools for their own domain name, logo and colours. The option is enabled in a few seconds and Infomaniak takes care of the configuration. It’s never been easier to control your brand and data from start to finish.

Your tools, your domain, your brand

Imagine being able to…

  • Organise your meetings online with kMeet
  • Request files and share your work with kDrive
  • Invite your users to configure their email address
  • Schedule your appointments with Mail, SMS and Calendar (Infomaniak Mail)

All this from your domain name, without ever leaving your brand universe.

Infomaniak is opening its collaborative ecosystem to SMEs

Custom Brand requires no technical skills.

Setting up webmail, a videoconferencing solution or an enterprise cloud are costly technical operations that are difficult to maintain, so only a minority of companies can afford them.

Custom Brand is a game changer that allows everyone to own their own tools at extremely competitive rates, without having to worry about their development, maintenance and security. Business and freelancers can save money and do without cloud solutions, most of which are developed and hosted abroad.

The option is enabled in a few clicks and requires no technical skills. You simply choose a domain name and customise your logo and backgrounds. Infomaniak then takes care of all the configuration of your tools with your domain. All you have to do is communicate your custom addresses to your users.

A revolution that meets the needs of businesses

With Custom Brand, companies can customise Infomaniak’s interfaces with their logo and colours.

The health crisis linked to COVID-19 has accelerated the digitisation of businesses, which are becoming more and more aware of the importance of entrusting their sensitive data to a sovereign cloud.

The development of Custom Brand is a response to specific requests from businesses that want to…

  • Entrust their data to trusted, independent companies
  • Use tools that respect data privacy
  • Increase productivity and facilitate collaborative work
  • Cut IT costs (servers, maintenance, security, etc.)

By opting for Infomaniak’s collaborative solutions, they are guaranteed confidentiality, regulatory compliance and the possibility of having recourse to a local jurisdiction in the event of a dispute; at the same time, they no longer need worry about their infrastructure security.

New synergies for greater efficiency

No more toing and froing between your various tools!

  • Create a videoconference when adding an appointment
  • Share kDrive files when writing an email
  • View your schedule from your inbox to accept or decline an invitation

All this will be possible in the coming days, and numerous developments are underway to intensify the synergies between our products!

Go for it, it’s easy!