The launch phase of the extension .swiss began September 7, 2015. Until 9 November 2015 , your organization can file a registration request with Infomaniak if it meets at least one of the following four conditions.

The domain name .swiss:

  1. is already registered as a trademark in the Trademark Clearing House
  2. designates public authorities or other Swiss organizations of public law (e.g. municipalities, townships, public law associations)
  3. is a registered trademark, a distinctive brand in Switzerland or a designation of origin (p. ex. Nespresso machine, Victorinox, Emmentaler)

designates a company registered in the commercial registerThe requests are then reviewed by OFCOM until 9 November and published a few days after for a period of 20 days. The allocation and operation of the first domain names will take place in December 2015 (learn more).

Starting January 11, 2016 , all legal entities will be able to register their domain name with the extension .swiss for as long as it is available. For the moment, the domain registration .swiss is not planned for individuals.

Should I reserve a .swiss?

With the .swiss extension, OFCOM (the federal Office of Communications) wants to create a showcase of Switzerland on the Internet to shine a spotlight on the culture and economy of the country. The .swiss extension is therefore an asset for a brand or a company:

  • it clearly designates the origin and base of Swiss enterprises and organizations;
  • it emphasizes the identification with the Swiss brand and its values;
  • it confers on the Internet sites of Swiss organizations the exclusivity they deserve;
  • it profiles Swiss brands in the native market and well beyond the national borders.

To file a registration request for a .swiss domain: