In autumn 2015, OFCOM launched the “.swiss” domain name. This extension offers you the opportunity to associate Switzerland’s reputation with the website for your brand, your company or your destination.

The website gives you more details on this topic. Here are our recommendations:

  1. Sign up for the newsletter to find out more about registering a .swiss domain name
  2. Check out the FAQ to find out about domain name assignment restrictions: registration terms and conditions, registration process, etc.
  3. Once the registration process is initiated, check that the domain name you would like is available via the whois on our website:
  4. Reserve your domain name with a .swiss extension on our website:

Important: only organizations which have direct links with Switzerland may use a .swiss extension. The Confederation reviews applications. The .swiss extension differs from the .ch one, which may be used by anyone, anywhere in the world.

May we, however, also remind you that it is not necessary to reserve a “.swiss” extension to improve your SEO. We suggest you use this domain extension only if it brings benefit to your brand.