The new .zuerich domain extension is about to be launched on the Web. It will allow companies and organisations to show they are based in Switzerland’s most dynamic economic region. As the official registrar, accredited by ICANN and the canton of Zurich, Infomaniak is preparing for this launch with great enthusiasm. We have done everything required so you can reserve your domain extension at the earliest possible opportunity. Visit our dedicated page today to find out how to register your .zuerich domain.

The .zuerich domain: a local presence and international prestige

The much-anticipated “dotzuerich” highlights the dynamism of an entire region. This new extension is managed in Switzerland by our partner the canton of Zurich (registry operator). It is reserved for institutions and companies located in the Zurich area, and no other entity can acquire it. A domain name followed by .zuerich sends out a powerful message. It:

  • Reinforces local identity
  • Has an international reach
  • Confers prestige on the brand image
  • Sets users apart from the competition
  • Is easy to remember
  • Improves local referencing

It provides an opportunity to strengthen local ties with the public and underline users’ Zurich origins. Both here and abroad, Zurich is synonymous with innovation, tradition, quality of life and economic success. Whatever the sector, we all know how important these symbols are these days.

Ready for the launch of .zuerich

With every .zuerich domain extension, we provide access to Infomaniak’s online productivity ecosystem with five free email accounts. This is an opportunity to use a solution – the only one of its kind in Switzerland – to ensure your users and clients have control over data.

“We are proud to be among the first providers of .zuerich to companies and institutions in the Zurich area. Infomaniak customers benefit from a full range of services associated with their domain, such as assistance from our technical support teams based in Winterthur.” Marc Oehler, CEO Infomaniak

As a leading Swiss registrar and host, Infomaniak offers exclusive services for managing and protecting domain names:

Infomaniak: an ethical, full-service Swiss registrar

Infomaniak is a Swiss company owned by its founders and employees. For 25 years, we have been developing innovative digital technologies with a view to protecting the environment. We design the most environmentally friendly data centers in Switzerland with a power usage effectiveness index (PUE < 1.1) among the best in the world. All thanks to filtered natural air, with no need for air conditioning.

We are also committed to promoting the local economy, by developing training opportunities in Switzerland with partners such as EPFL or Ecole 42. This helps us build our expertise in independent and open source technologies, with the aim of promoting a free Internet.

From data center design and cloud infrastructure planning through to software, Infomaniak adopts an independent approach along the entire value chain.

The launch of .zuerich involves three phases

As with all new domain extensions, the launch consists of several phases. This makes it possible for everyone to access .zuerich and protect their brand.

Sunrise period (from 30 August to 29 October 2021)

At this stage, only brands registered and indexed with the TMCH repository will be able to register a .zuerich extension.

Early access period (from 30 September to 29 October 2021)

At this stage, only public authorities with an administrative office in the canton of Zurich will be able to register a .zuerich extension.

General access period (from 22 November 2021)

At this stage, all entities meeting the eligibility criteria (e.g. extract from the commercial register) may register for a .zuerich extension. For the first 9 days, registrations are allocated by way of a Dutch auction. This is why we advise you to wait 9 days before registering your extension (if you did not miss the first two phases).

Register a .zuerich domain name at the best price

Make sure you are the first to know when .zuerich becomes available. The best way to do this is to register with the Infomaniak list. We will keep you informed as and when any information becomes available about the launch of the new .zuerich extension.

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