We’ve redesigned user creation and the management of accounts, rights and email addresses to meet company needs. These improvements are an example of the steps we’re introducing to simplify and consolidate our services, which will continue in the coming months. With complete control of our solutions and an increased workforce, we are developing unique synergies to make your life easier. And that’s not all…

Intuitive user management specially tailored to company needs.

Gone are the risky situations involved with onboarding new staff and the confusion over right of access.

When you take on a new member of staff, they create their own account using the wizard, with the rights and access approvals for the teams they belong to. No more errors and no more wasted time.

New staff are sent an invitation by link or email so they can create their account themselves. All they have to do is choose a password and personalise their reply message, signature, redirections, etc. according to the parameters you put in place.

New staff can now start work within minutes of arriving at the company.

A user’s profile shows at a glance their access and links to the organization.

An overview of your entire organisation

The new interface provides a unified view of all users and pending invitations. By clicking on the “user management” tab, you’ll find all the names, email addresses, teams and security options for your company.

Teams will change completely

You can now create teams with specific access rights. Simply create a team, then add users to it for them to inherit the corresponding rights. This saves a lot of time when an employee needs to be operational straightaway with access to a particular project.

Teams will also have their own view. You’ll find everything you need under the “Work teams” tab. Your teams can view their users, colours and a list of services available to them. You can also designate a leader for each team.

Complete overhaul of email address management

Webmail (mail.infomaniak.com) has been optimised for mobile devices and managing the Mail Service (formerly Mail hosting) has been revamped! This new interface is more efficient and easy to use, and it’s soon to be enhanced over time with new features for businesses and IT managers.

SMEs and larger companies – we’re here for you

These improvements are a taste of some major developments to come.

With complete control of our solutions, we are gradually introducing radical integrations to simplify day-to-day tasks for companies, like granting direct access to specified shared folders in kDrive from the user management interface. Teams can be integrated with the Mail Service to manage rights to address books, calendars and even corporate signatures. It will also be possible to make changes and apply filters at team and company level, of course. Synergies between VOD and kDrive are also in the pipeline.

We eagerly anticipate the introduction of these new features in the coming weeks.

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