Swiss Backup can now offer a new backup plan for up to 5 TB of data, complete with new capability allowing you to back up virtual machines (VMs) and Windows and Linux-based servers, as well as giving you full access to all the benefits of Acronis.

Thanks to this new functionality, users can now back up all of their data using a safe and easy-to-use solution, regardless of their hardware or software environment. The Infomaniak data backup solution continues to evolve alongside small businesses, institutional clients and self-employed customers to ensure we continue to provide the most complete and attractive Swiss-based backup solution on the market.

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Swiss Backup: the data backup solution that always has you covered

Off-site storage, encryption and redundancy – With Swiss Backup, you can secure up to 500 TB of data simultaneously in 3 different physical locations, all of them within Switzerland. The system uses AES-256 encryption and complies with Switzerland’s especially stringent data protection legislation, meaning the confidentiality of your data is guaranteed twice over.

Many businesses are at risk of data loss without even realising it. Instinctively, copying files on to external hard drives, storing data in the cloud and using NAS backup servers seems like the sensible thing to do, but all these practices actually encourage you to let down your guard. Measures like these are not enough to protect you against all risks.

As a front-line hosting company, we see all too often how costly data loss can be, whether as a result of handling errors, negligence, cyber attacks or hardware damage. That’s why we developed Swiss Backup – a backup service designed to offer maximum protection at the same time as being easy for your business to run.

An ultra-compatible, highly-accessible backup solution

Setting up a robust backup system capable of protecting your data in any situation requires a combination of the right equipment and real know-how. By making full use of its cutting-edge infrastructure, Infomaniak can offer a turnkey backup solution at highly competitive prices.

Starting from CHF 2.40/month for 200 GB of storage space, Swiss Backup provides you with a reliable, attractive and perfectly integrated backup system to keep your data secure, whatever happens – and it’s easy to set up too. Swiss Backup is now compatible with most platforms used by businesses and professionals alike, allowing you to back up everything from iPhones and Android mobile phones to Windows and MacOS workstations and NAS backup servers (Synology).

A reliable backup solution that’s constantly evolving

Whether it is created by major corporations or by individuals, digital data is as important as it is fragile. As threats continue to grow, your backup system needs to be robust and to move with the times. Just like all Infomaniak’s other products and services, Swiss Backup is subjected to extensive monitoring and development, day-in, day-out. Our developers are also constantly looking to anticipate new developments and the functionality our customers want, and get them integrated into the system as early as possible.

When you choose Swiss Backup, you’re choosing an integrated backup solution that will evolve over time, one that combines high levels of compatibility with access to the latest features.

Backup for VMware, Hyper-V and Jelastic virtual machines

Swiss Backup never stops evolving, and is now capable of backing up virtual machines using Acronis software. This means, for example, that administrators can now set up a fleet of virtual machines on a non-managed server and create back-up locations for each individual VM within Swiss Backup. The backup wizard can now be installed directly on each individual virtual machine, whether it uses VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V or Jelastic, and make full use of the configuration options available in the Acronis console.

Backup for Windows servers

Administrators for Windows servers can now manage backups in Swiss Backup using Acronis. The software allows you to configure scheduled monthly, weekly, daily or hourly backups, and to select the backup mode to be used (incremental or differential), etc. You can also restore individual files, applications or even entire systems from the console in just a few clicks.

Backup for Linux servers

Swiss Backup now includes an integrated native version of Acronis on Linux. Acronis is compatible with most operating systems, includingUbuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, etc. meaning there is no need to install libraries or third party software and it supports all file systems. Moreover, Acronis software can now be installed directly on Linux workstations.

Online backup – Swiss Backup encrypts and stores your data in Switzerland

The advent of cloud storage allows businesses and individuals alike to store their precious data remotely, keeping it well out of harm’s way in the event of a data breach. As cloud storage systems become more widely available, it is crucial that both businesses and individuals retain total control over their data. This issue has become even more important as a result of the entry into force of the GDPR and increased concern among the general public as to how their personal data is handled.

In this environment, Swiss Backup stands out as an up-to-date, independent backup solution that combines all the benefits of cutting-edge technology with the security that comes with hosting all its infrastructure exclusively in Switzerland. Switzerland acts as Europe’s digital safe, allowing businesses and consumers alike to be as certain as possible that their data will remain confidential and protected.

Swiss Backup will continue to evolve in lock-step with customer requirements

All our products are developed with a strong focus on security, confidentiality, and respect for your privacy. That’s why all Infomaniak’s services are fully compliant with both Swiss and European data protection legislation (including GDPR).

The success of Swiss Backup has brought with it a wide range of new customer requirements, and Infomaniak is committed to delivering them in future versions of the system. For example, we are already working hard to integrate Microsoft Office 365’s back up feature into Swiss Backup.

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